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Minor criticism with the Sorcerer-Prophets

MagosHal#5659MagosHal#5659 Registered Users Posts: 29

Center is the Sorcerer-Prophet, left and right are the Daemonsmiths

Design-wise, they look great. But I think I would have preferred if they wielded staves like in this concept art.

Because to me, the staves emphasize that they are sorcerers AND priests of their religion. And also because the fact that the Sorcerer-Prophets and Daemonsmiths are using the same weapons and animations makes it look like CA are cutting corners to make the development process quicker (I know, I know, not really surprising). Would have been better if the axe and pistol would have been unique to the Daemonsmiths themselves, perhaps to emphasize that they are the Sorcerer-Engineers of Chaos Dwarf society.

What do you think?


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