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High Elf Lothern Sea Guard nerf

totalwarfreak14#6557totalwarfreak14#6557 Registered Users Posts: 32
Hello CA!

I noticed in the chaos dwarf battle streams that you are considering nerfing lothern sea guard and giving back the 50 gold cost reduction they got in 2.2. I think this is a bad idea and that it should not happen or should be a 25 gold increase rather than the full 50.

I do recognize that lothern sea guard are strong right now but I think they should be strong. They are a great thematic unit and they fit the play style of the High elves well while still having exploitable weaknesses. Which is what I would say is balanced. Due to their tight formations magic and artillery are great tools for killing them. Shielded armored infantry are another great tool for killing them. They even are still susceptible to being charged by cavalry if it’s in the back due to their low hp.

I recognize it’s still in early access and that’s why I hope to get one last word in to please convince you to not revert 50 gold decrease. High elves were so bad for so long in multiplayer and they finally feel strong and I have been having a lot of fun with lothern sea guard and high elves in general. Please consider only a 25 gold increase or no gold increase.

Thank you keep up the hard work. For 23 factions the balance in this game is fantastic and I appreciate the continued effort.


  • totalwarfreak14#6557totalwarfreak14#6557 Registered Users Posts: 32
    Ps please give tryion magical fire attacks
  • totalwarfreak14#6557totalwarfreak14#6557 Registered Users Posts: 32
    Also war lions aren’t bad because they get shot so the more missile resistance is worthless. They are bad cause they lose to infantry. I think they need to have their model count increased by 8 to flesh hound model counts and then see how they perform.
  • totalwarfreak14#6557totalwarfreak14#6557 Registered Users Posts: 32
    hello CA I don't know if you saw this post about war lions and decided to give them mass and melee attack or if that was always there but I think they are great now. Great job! They actually do damage and they are a right in a good price range for what they do. That unit is so cool and Im looking forward to see how I can incorporate them into my builds

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