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Glade Captains not appearing in hero recruitment pool. (Heralds of Ariel, IE campaign) SOLVED

Ajax28542#3726Ajax28542#3726 Registered Users Posts: 6
I've activated the Glade Captain content from the CA website I own all DLC and I'm able to use the Glade Captain in skirmish mode vs. the AI, however there are no Glade Captains appearing in my hero recruitment pool during my IE campaign as the Heralds of Ariel. I have the required building and the hero recruitment pool tells me there will be one available to recruit next turn, but one never appears. I've added the save file. Hope you guys can fix it and thanks for what you do, I know theres alot to fix so keep up the good work.

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  • EmperorAlpharius#7592EmperorAlpharius#7592 Registered Users Posts: 40
    Was this an existing save before you unlocked them or did you Unlock them before starting you playthrough? If its after you started your campiagn its most likely the save thats restricting them.
  • Ajax28542#3726Ajax28542#3726 Registered Users Posts: 6
    I activated the Glade Captain content the same day that I started a new campaign but I can’t remember which I did first. I’ll start a new campaign this weekend to test it and post my results.
  • Ajax28542#3726Ajax28542#3726 Registered Users Posts: 6
    It appears that I had started the campaign first before activating the content. After starting a new Heralds of Ariel campaign the Glade Captain is now appearing in the hero recruitment pool.

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