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Vampire Coast is *substantially* worse since WH3, and this patch adds some more nerfs? Really?

Traumtulpe#6946Traumtulpe#6946 Registered Users Posts: 75
I've voiced this a couple of times now, they were my favorite faction in WH2 but I find the Vampire Coast atrociously bad since game 3. As such, the *last* thing I was expecting were further nerfs.
Now technically these nerfs are entirely inconsequential, since most of the affected units were already *so* bad in campaign that you'd just never recruit them in the first place.

Deck Droppers (except bombers) are complete garbage, and they are incapable of fighting anything in melee - they can't even damage routing units and will merely escort them off the field. And you've made them attack more slowly? Okay??

And Animated Hulks already were *so much worse* than basic T1 Ogres despite being T2 (25 less leadership, 12 charge bonus), now they have 28 melee attack? I mean, again, I wasn't going to recruit them anyway, but really??

The cost increases to 4 of their spells are justified - but only if you disregard *everything else* that sucks about this faction, and the reduced range on pistol zombies is just sad - now *all* off their early units feel bad.

This faction already has an *incredibly* small roster, including having *no frontline* (something with missile resistance or shields), *no cavallry* or similar fast units, no archers.
Their Raise Dead is inferior to the Vampire Counts, their units are generally inferior to similar units of other races. Their economy is terrible (the buildings don't even pay for themselves), their Rites are pointless. They get 0 RoR's the way other races do. They can't vassalize like Vampire Counts can, they can't stack leadership debuffs like them either (their lords lack the talent).

You nerfed ship growth and ranged attacks and artillery across the board. And traits too. And Syreens. There really is nothing left at this point.

In WH2 you could get Necrofex at turn 25, now it's turn 35 (ish). And they aren't even as good anymore. Anyway, this is the last time I'll offer feedback or bug reports on them until they receive a complete rework of *all* of their faction mechanics, talents, and units (which I don't expect to happen).


  • BuffCarnage#4523BuffCarnage#4523 Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited May 7
    probably nerfing chorf competition; same with dark elves


    i enjoy vampire coast though. didn’t play them much during their golden age, but an army of promethean gunners, depth guard, and cannons was fun recently

    the alpha strike alone from the cannons + gunnery wight is glorious. you can snipe legendary lords at the beginning of battle

    then, the prometheans and depth guard roll in. the prometheans shield the depth guard somewhat from ranged and control the battlefield, and the depth guard beat khorne infantry now

    finally, since you know the nerfs, you could unnerf them with a mod
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