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FOTS - Daimyo and main army landed in sea

All set for a Republic win on Legendary, 132 turns in and my 5 star Daimyo with 8 Armstrongs, 3 Marines etc. has been landed in sea not beach. Couldn’t see last turn as ships and other characters blocked view, plus can’t move directly after disembarking from ship. But next turn he wouldn’t move and when I moved agents and ships out of way I can see my Daimyo up to his knees in sea. He will not move onto land or embark on a ship. I could delete them all, but that army cost a fortune, is generally XP 5 to 7 plus exceptional charge, superior melee, armour, accuracy and I would have to kill my Daimyo if that is even possible. Anyone else had this problem and know of a fix?
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