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Known Issue[BUG] Bazherak's Fatality armore sets

Nostryck#8290Nostryck#8290 Registered Users Posts: 1
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Dear Total War Warhammer 3 Developer,

I would like to report a bug in the game following the recent 3.0 update. The bug concerns an equipment set called "Bazherak's Fatality." This set consists of two items: an armor with no issues, and an enchanted gauntlet that has a bug.

According to the description of the gauntlet, it should increase the maximum health points of the equipped character by 5%. However, when I equip it, this increase does not occur. On the other hand, the 10% bonus to physical resistance granted by this item does apply correctly to the equipped character.

Furthermore, there is another bug related to this. Normally, if you possess both items of the "Bazherak's Fatality" set on the same character, it should trigger a set bonus that adds an additional 5% to the maximum health points of the character. However, this bonus also does not work.

Here are screens to prove my point, on 2 different characters to show that it is the object that seems buggy and not the character
Character 1 :
Character 2 :

I am playing the 3.0 version of the game on Steam, solo Campaign, running Windows 11. If you need more information to resolve this issue, please let me know.

Thank you for considering this bug report and working towards a resolution.

Best regards,
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    Hey there,

    Thanks for raising this up! I've reproduced this in house and the team are looking into it.

    All the best!
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