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CA removed Russian and Ukrainian players can't play

Lyserus#4480Lyserus#4480 Registered Users Posts: 219
edited April 16 in The Graveyard
Just sharing something pretty ironic on steam comment

to "punish" Russia, CA removed Russian support.

But guess what, since there is no Ukrainian support, Ukrainian players can't play anymore (in case anyone didn't know, Russian and Ukrainian are very similar)

And even if CA does add Ukrainian support, that would still enable Russian players to play

I guess it is a "win–win" situation where CA wins twice - They get to feel righteous and cut cost on translation


  • Stephince#6150Stephince#6150 Registered Users Posts: 3,398
    It's more likely Sega than CA that have made this change. Either way it sucks, both for Ukrainians and the many Russians who really don't want their country to be invading someone else.
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