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Graphical Improvements for the WH3 Campaign Map

AlexGaudi#9427AlexGaudi#9427 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited April 16 in General Discussion
Dear CA,

I'm aware of the impossibility of changing the art style map campaign, which, in my personal opinion, is less realistic and less "Tolkienan" comparing with WH1 and WH2. I don't like this artistic choice, whose reasons are unknown to me, but I respect your final decision. However, there is a thing that I can't stand: Trees. I think their models are too poor and approximate, especially dried trees. So, I beg you to change these elements of the map, or to give modders the possibility to modify the models at least. I hope that players like me can feel again the grimdark atmosphere as done in previous WH.

Another question: Lustria, Cathay and Chaos Dwarves regions are fantastic, full of details, but I have to observe that now regions such as Reikland, Athel Loren, Bretonnia, Southland seem empty and less inspired. I wonder if a day you will improve some aspects in this part of the map, maybe accompained with an update for Old World's factions.


  • Maedrethnir#1968Maedrethnir#1968 Registered Users Posts: 19,384
    The tree biodiversity is a big problem in Game3. Athel Loren looks like every man's nightmare.

    Ulthuan too looks rather mundane, bland even, especially in comparison to Cathay. It is supposed to be the most magical place outside the Aethyr.
  • #28957#28957 Registered Users Posts: 3,009
    Still waiting for Athel Loren not to like like a bulldozer rolled through it.
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  • Pr4vda#6038Pr4vda#6038 Registered Users Posts: 2,738
    IE is indeed less wonderful and impressive than ME imo.
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  • SteelRonin#4832SteelRonin#4832 Registered Users Posts: 1,760
    IE is gorgeous, of course WH3 parts of the map are better looking, WH3>WH2>WH1. Hell you can notice it in the units textures too, the orc labourers > WH1 greenskins.
  • NameAlreadyExists#7258NameAlreadyExists#7258 Registered Users Posts: 298
    The new art style for the campaign maps we got in game three is awful. Just try out the cinematic camera settings for a few turns (instead of the usual "fastest"-setting) and have a nice view on low-res textures, floating objects, low poly art and clipping issues, garnished with strange lighting. And for your mental health, please avoid looking at the trees.

    It's not impossible to fix that, but I doubt CA will make any changes to the campaign map graphics-wise. We just have to hope for the remake of the Total Warhammer series, likely to arrive in 2040.

    Sorry for the rant, but this topic is triggering me since I saw the first map preview of TotalWarhammer 3.
  • Maedrethnir#1968Maedrethnir#1968 Registered Users Posts: 19,384
    #28957 said:

    Still waiting for Athel Loren not to like like a bulldozer rolled through it.


    yet similar:

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