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Known IssueAriel not spawning when completing the first Ritual of Rebirth.

captcha_phrase#2799captcha_phrase#2799 Registered Users Posts: 2
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Ariel not spawning when completing the first Ritual of Rebirth as Sister of Twillight, and Orion. reloaded save several times.

This is very annoying as I've had 3 Wood Elf campaigns ruined.
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  • LordBeefBroth#6545LordBeefBroth#6545 Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited April 17
    I'll second this, ran into it on my last two campaigns. Finished the Ritual of Rebirth on the Witchwood, and Ariel doesn't spawn.

    It's odd, because I completed some confederation quests shortly afterwards, and it looks like the other Wood Elf factions (Talsyn first time, Durthu the second) somehow managed to get Ariel on their side. Not sure if the Ritual just spawned it on their faction instead of mine or whatever, but it's annoying especially because their Ariel doesn't have any of her unique items.
  • captcha_phrase#2799captcha_phrase#2799 Registered Users Posts: 2
    That happened to me too when playing Orion and Sister of Twilight; Confederate a player faction (Wood Elf), will spawn with Ariel without items.
  • CA_Liam#6659CA_Liam#6659 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 883
    Hey all,

    Thanks for raising this up, we really appreciate it. I have logged this with our team and they are investigating.

    All the best!
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  • Jumeee#5308Jumeee#5308 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Ran into the same issue, it apparently spawns Ariel for AI welves? because once I confederated Durthu he had her at level 10 but without any of the items.

    Is there any way I can spawn the missing items? it doesnt look like there is any legitimate way to get them
  • #577081#577081 Registered Users Posts: 15
  • mastervovan#7329mastervovan#7329 Registered Users Posts: 37
    i cant play wood elves. please fix or tell us what to do!? i was looking at the database files and ariel is literally named croak with other skin ><?
  • #136376#136376 Registered Users Posts: 6
    Same issue, happened on both of my Immortal Empires campaigns, Sisters and Durthu.
  • bluflare#4394bluflare#4394 Registered Users Posts: 28
    Here's my wood elf save. I have confederated Durthu, who had Ariel, and she appears to have none of her innate abilities (wild berry and the magic missile) and she starts with all her other spells.

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