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Known IssueMissing Strategic Location marker - Wargrove of Woe subedition

Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 480
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I was asked by CA_Tama to split these per race so that's what i'll be doing:

Wargrove of Woe have the same problems as other Wood Elves, documented here: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/330991/missing-strategic-location-marker-wood-elves-edition

But they also have their own unique problems which i'll list in this thread.

1) In Laurelorn Forest the strategic location marker names the wrong landmark, it now shows the "Verdant Heart of Laurelorn" but it should be the "Ensorcelled Heart of Laurelorn":

The strategic location marker in Forest of Gloom now says "Shadow-Groves of Loec" but this should be "Overgrown Groves of Loec":

The strategic location marker in Oreon's Camp now says "Temple of Kurnous", but it should be "Overgrown Temple of Kurnous":

The strategic location marker in The Sacred Pools now says "Sacred Pools of Isha", which should be "Overgrown Sacred Pools":

The strategic location marker in Gaean Vale currently says "Temple of Isha" which should be "Overgrown Temple of Isha":
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    Hey there @Kennyannydenny#4548

    Thanks so much, these are all off for investigation

    Thanks for raising
    Tama ^-^
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