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Co-op Battle Desyncs

subhaac#2030subhaac#2030 Registered Users Posts: 5
edited April 21 in Multiplayer Bugs
Been running campaign with a friend, with just 1 simple mod nothing heavy, ran perfectly until after patch 3.0. When we continued the same campaign that we had been playing, the very first battle after the patch we fought manually gets desync again and again. We can't progress because there is only 1 autosave on legendary.
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  • Akayasha#3424Akayasha#3424 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Check if there are multiple contact effects on your lords or your friend's. If there are multiple, and there is a desync between them, you will probably desync as soon as the lord hits an enemy unit. If your friend's lord sunders armor and also has flaming attacks, but on your screen you see his lord having poison attacks with flaming attack, the desync will happen. The lord cannot be used in that fight.

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