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Idea for a Horde Faction of Ogres

Fumve#4870Fumve#4870 Registered Users Posts: 2
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my idea would be a legendary Lord of the Ogres as a horde faction.
His Faction Abilities:
Nr.1 is to be able to set a camp from the beginning.
Nr. 2 for each camp that reaches level 3 to be able to build another.
Nr.3 Diplomacy with all factions of +50
Nr.4 camp Looting more gold
Nr.5 More Money for Quests

His own army:
Nr.1 He generates as much food as Skrag
Nr.2 no wear
Nr.3 Immune to Psychology
Nr.4 20% discount on allied units
Nr.5 More food and gold by looting

This faction would give the ogres the feel of the game where the community wants it!
An ogre live as mercenaries and plunderers!
Perfect for coop campaigns!

The best would be the following Lord!: Golgfag
As a flexible mercenary who fought for all sorts of factions.
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