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Idea on how to make barrier more fun and complex

torak8988#3885torak8988#3885 Registered Users Posts: 135
edited April 28 in Battle Ideas
Currently barriers in my opinion are a little weak, not to mention rather boring, you can't really reliably restore barriers on melee infantry units due to their slow speed. And it doesn't feel like a complex or high risk high reward ability.

I like that they're introduced to the game, but either barriers are too small to be noticeable, or they're too weak to force the player to pay much attention to them.

Thus I went out and modded something in:

This changes barriers regenerate faster, however, you must have 15 winds of magic, a resource requirement, if you don't barriers don't restore.
I noticed having a resource requirement makes barriers a lot more fun. Maybe because they're more powerful, but at least they were a lot more fun, carefully trying not to drop bellow 15 winds is pretty cool when you get a powerful effect in return.

This makes tzeentch even more focussed on winds of magic management, and I kind of like it a lot, more complexity, more noticeable barrier management gameplay.
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