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Katarina should get both Lores


I'm a big fan of Kislev (obviously) and have played them for a long time on the tabletop for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. As such, they were my point of ingress for Total War and the many hours I've put into it since.

However, especially after playing other games and factions, I have a suggestion:

Katarina should get both the Lore of Ice and Lore of Tempest in her spellcasting tree, both in Multiplayer and Campaign.

She is, canonically, the strongest Ice Witch in history with a mastery never before seen. As such, it's odd to me that she doesn't get access to both spell lores, just the Lore of Ice.

Gameplay-wise, I think it would be neat to have her be the sole caster in an army and have full access to both lores and the synergy they have.

On a different note, she is an expensive Lord in Multiplayer with very little melee or ranged capability outside of casting.


All the best,
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