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Known IssueAriel not spawning

Thranduil#3807Thranduil#3807 Registered Users Posts: 10
Hi ! I just started a campaign on Very Hard (the difficulty I always play on) with the Twilight Sisters. On turn 33, I completed the rebirth ritual in the Witch's Wood but the legendary hero Ariel did not appear. I read on the internet that there is a bug since the last update that prevents her from spawn, or that makes her spawn in Orion or Durthu much too fast (finishing the first ritual on turn 33, for a veteran of the sylvan elves like me, is a good performance in very difficult, or at least fast enough). So I don't understand what's going on. I have done the Twilight Sisters campaign several times in this difficulty before the arrival of the Chaos Dwarves and never had this problem. The problem is annoying because the whole strategy of the faction is based on getting Ariel as soon as possible. Finally, I have to say that I did an "express game" to test, and on turn 36 I finished the first ritual, and still no Ariel appeared. So it seems that there is a problem.

Sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker. Hope to get an answer about this problem !

Thranduil - Warhammer III player
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  • Oseals#7056Oseals#7056 Registered Users Posts: 2
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    Hello !

    I have the same problem when tyring to get ariel to spawn after the ritual, it seems to be a spawn bug that got here after the 3.0...
    I didn't check she had spawn on another faction tho, i'm gonna try to continue my campaign to check if Orion/Durthu have her !

    On a side note yesterday i've continued a multiplayer IE campaign started with a friend where i play as the sister of twilight (Ariel was already spawned in this one and in my army), after completing the Orion conferation quest (sack/burn 10 settlement) and getting him i've noticed that he had an ariel as well !
    So on this multiplayer campaign I have two Ariel now ^^'

    It could be a related bug, or maybe Ariel decided to transfert between saves ^^

    Edit : I've just loaded my save and made a few turn and it turn out that durthu had ariel, so it seems you were right about the lightning fast Durthu for getting Ariel !
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  • #467028#467028 Registered Users Posts: 14
    To add to this I was playing as Durthu and Ariel was spawned for Sisters of Twilight. Not sure how early it was, but she has no items even after I have confederated them.
  • pZion#9103pZion#9103 Registered Users Posts: 3
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    I really wish they see this as it is not yet on the "known issues". Hopefully someone from CA saw it on reddit the day of the patch because that's the only faction I play and immediately noticed and posted a video. It is game breaking as Ariel needs her items.

    The problem, as someone described, is that AI can now unlock Ariel and does it before the player.
  • CA_Liam#6659CA_Liam#6659 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 883
    Hey all!

    It's definitely something we're aware of, it's caused by a similar issue to what is also affecting Lord Kroak so sadly is affecting quite a few campaigns. Rest assured, it is being worked on!

    All the best!
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  • mastervovan#7329mastervovan#7329 Registered Users Posts: 37
    ariel doesnt spawn for me. what to do? im turn 60 ish and confeded most factions as sister of twilight. help??

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