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Multiplayer Campaign: Faction/Race Descriptions

CaracalCommando#1870CaracalCommando#1870 Registered Users Posts: 4
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Multiplayer Campaign Selection is missing Faction & Race Descriptions, which is essential for new players who just want to get into a multiplayer campaign with their friends.

QoL Feature: Under "Campaign Details", give a description about the Faction & Race, in the same way it does for Singleplayer.

Without this, players who don't know the basics about every faction would have to choose between:
Googling this information, someone explaining it to them, or worse.. leaving the lobby just to go to Singleplayer Campaign Selection to read the information there.

This has happened several times:
1. Me and my friends create an Immortal Empires Campaign lobby.
2. They select a Faction.
3. No description provided about the faction or race.
4. Spend 15 minutes explaining stuff about the faction & race.
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