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Please swap Lothern and Saphery faction colours in campaign!

eomat#7953eomat#7953 Registered Users Posts: 3,277
@CA_Duck#1876 and @CA_Rich_A

Eataine are light and dark blue in campaign and Saphery are Red and Blue. This needs to be swapped. I have asked multiple times in WH2 for this. Lothern needs it's splash of red and definitely on the gem. Even the faction banners are the in the way they should be. Saphery are blue. Eataine are the main faction and they should look visually striking. They even have a red gem on their banner. Please swap them.

The current HE main colour (which is meant to be Eataine) in multiplayer is a dull red. Please don't use that. Saphery and Eataine swapping their current colours is perfect.
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