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|Sith| (the most well known RTW clan, founded in 2004 is now entering Shogun 2)

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The |Sith| clan, founded in August 2004 for RTW is now also recruiting Shogun 2 players into the clan as we have decided to also adopt this Total War title as a second platform for the clan. Members of the |Sith| clan are expected to at all times adhere to the |Sith| Code of Conduct (see below) and obey the commands of its' leadership.

The main advantages of |Sith| over the average Total War clan is its' stable and clearly defined leadership, the mature conduct of its' members and its' dignity that keeps it above the gutter of clan flamewars.

Clan have temporary been dormant due to loss of our forum, but we are now once again gathering our forces on our new forum for a grand return with R2TW.

For membership applications, please visit us at our new forum:
|Sith| Code Of Conduct
In general, behaviour such as Abuse, Taunting, Egotistical actions, racial or religeous abuse and Swearing will not be tolerated by the Clan high Council or other Clan members on public servers or forums or the clans private forum or teamspeak or in game lobbiesno matter what the situation.

Anyone looking to join the |Sith| are required to agree to the Code Of Conduct to be accepted into the clan. If you feel that you cannot agree to the code of conduct there are many clans within the community that have lower standards expected of their players and whom are currently recruiting.

|Sith| Player Code of Conduct

1) Members need to remember they represent the clan in their behaviour.

2) All members of |Sith| are expected to display their |Sith| tag at all times. (Unless prior approval has been granted by a High Council member)

3) Abusive, threatening, or intimidating behaviour towards others is not acceptable.

4) Foul, racist or sexist language will not be used on-line, in game, on TS, or in forums. This includes public servers, training sessions, other web sites, and in games and during times of clan wars.

5) Members will act in a respectful, friendly, tolerant, and professional manner at all times.

6) If a Member is becoming upset, angry or frustrated you are not to use text chat, VoIP or TS to vent your frustrations.

7) Hill camping, deliberate poor game tactics or disruptive annoying game play will not be tolerated.

8.) Members will not divulge any clan information (e.g. forum posts, training/strats/TS server details and passwords or strategies) to any non-full member unless authorised to do so by a High Council member.

9) The clan upholds the 100% Cheat Free Clan ideology. Cheating and/or using game exploits is not acceptable.

The clan does not consider these rules to be onerous; in fact we believe that as we are all adults/young adults and these rules are only asking that we behave like adults.

(designed by |Sith|EmperorRev - 29 July 2007)
|Sith|Lord|Galvanized Iron
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