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Tips & Tricks

bradleybrand#6575bradleybrand#6575 Registered Users Posts: 13
Hello forum,

I play with Darthmod Empire mod. Any tips or guidance?

If you were to start a new game, what would be your priorities and goals? What technology route would you take?

Major factions tend to become far too powerful (Russia, Prussia, Maratha Confederacy, etc) and become too challenging to defeat.

I use missionaries and convert territories to my faction's religion. I try to maintain friendly relations, but this can be tricky too. I struggle with maintaining strong navies when trade routes are essential.

Past games I have played as: Great Britain, New Spain, Sweden, United Provinces, United States.


  • Jarms48#7854Jarms48#7854 Registered Users Posts: 438
    edited August 14
    Haven't played modded but this is my tips for vanilla turn 1.

    Some of the best starting strategies involve selling colonies.

    - Sell Rupert’s Land to Huron for 8k. Which gives a massive starting pool of gold for early economic improvements. Also removes early war with Huron.

    - Sell Montreal to Huron for 8k.
    - Sell Quebec to Iroquois for 8k.
    - Sell Arcadia to the 13 Colonies for 8k.
    This can avoid a ton of early wars too. Don't have to do all of them.

    - Sell Flanders to United Provinces for 8k.
    - Sell Lombardy to Venice for 8k.
    - Sell Naples to Italian States for 8k.
    Again, also really helps preventing early war. Don't have to do all of them.

    Trade, buy, sell technology turn 1:
    The AI will do this with or without you as soon as you click end turn. So you're better off getting as much cash and unique techs from the AI as possible.
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