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Faction specific recommended and/or default end-game settings

Spartoob#1605Spartoob#1605 Registered Users Posts: 1
G'day all,

BLUF: Playing as Balthazar I got to turn 120 in a legendary campaign and had 'A Grudge Too Far' trigger at turn 120; this abruptly brought an end to what had been until turn 120 an enjoyable campaign. - this could have been prevented by default end-game and/or a warning prompt.

Having on recently started playing TWWIII after last played TWWII several years ago I found myself playing empire in a legendary campaign. When starting I didn't realise that one of the many options provided could lead to every dwarven faction inexplicably (and entirely against their nature) turning traitor, breaking all alliances, resurrecting and spawning several armies.

Having now googled 'A Grudge Too Far' I see that I should have disabled this for playing as empire.. however it's now a case of too bad so sad and I feel a little disenfranchised with CA for including this as an end-game for Empire.

Having said that, I see the value in having a diverse range of end-games and even in having this as a particularly challenging end for the empire.. however beign surprised by such a mechanic is less valuable.

Perhaps players should be prompted before starting an empire campaign to disable this particular ending in order to best enjoy the narrative and gameplay of this faction.

Perhaps I'm just salty that having ground my way through 120 turns of legendary I suddenly (and seemingly by simply rolling the wrong end game) had my entire strategy turned on its head and the story/theme broken beyond repair.

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