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Tzeentch's mortal infantry bugged barrier size

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I was always troubled by the tiny barrier that the Tzeentch mortal melee infantry unit got, and I went back to do the maths, to make sure that I wasn’t missing something, and that they maybe should be larger.

What’s the problem?
In short: Tzeentch mortal melee infantry barriers should be larger compared to the other chaos god mortal unit variants.

I compared the HP increases given by the nurgle mortal unit variants and noticed they differed a bit amongst each other. However, after taking the chaos chariots nurgle upgrade as a starting comparison unit to examine how much % a barrier size is worth to the nurgle upgrade, I recalculated the scaling back to the melee infantry variants.

The maths is a little hard to explain, but it comes down to the fact that nurgle cavalry gains less health than the tzeentch one gains shields, the nurlge units also gain poison attack while the tzeentch ones gain magical attack, and poison is significantly more useful.
In short, yes, Tzeentch’s mortal melee infantry units should have bigger shields, I’ll skip the maths and state the values here:

What should be changed?
Tzeentch Marauders should have about 1200 barrier.
Tzeentch Forsaken should have about 900 barrier.
Tzeentch Chaos warriors should have about 1200 barrier.
Tzeentch Chosen chaos warriors should have about 1400 barrier.
Tzeentch Aspiring champions should have about 1400 barrier to match the chosen.

Take chaos chariots, calculate how much health the nurgle upgrade provides, then compare that to the relative barrier the tzeentch upgrade provides. Take that scaling and apply it to all mortal infantry units.
Meaning per 556 health increase from a nurgle variant, the tzeentch variant should provide 800 barrier.
And that’s currently not the case with the Tzeentch melee infantry units.

Bug report:
I’d also like to mention a bug, if chaos chariots of tzeentch take 1 attrition damage on the campaign. Their number of chariots goes down from 4 to 3. Only at 100% hp do the chariots field the proper 4 chariot vehicles. This is not true for other units like gyrocopters. It would be nice to see this bug fixed.
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