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Wargrove of Woe tech tree in dire need of changing

Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 480
I'm really glad you guys released Drycha as she's a blast to play, but the Wargrove of Woe tech tree is pretty much the same for Drycha aside from two techs: "Wisdom of the Wildwood" and "Wisdom of Addaivoch".

Drycha has a lot of useless techs for her this way as she doesn't have the full roster the other Wood Elves get. If she isn't getting her own tech tree, there are at least a few things that need changing in her current one:

Wisdom of the Eagle Lords: She can get Great Eagles through three landmarks (Peaks of Parravon, Bamboo Grove and Gnoblar Outpost) but it's a really redundant skill for her as she can't recruit them through normal buildings and most people won't be using the Eagles in her army. I think Feral Manticores are a lot more used because they're recruited with other wild spirits. In WH2 she couldn't even get these aside from through the Peaks of Parravon landmark.

Anath Raema, the Savage Huntress and Kurnous, the Hunter: Same story here. Again it buffs the Great Eagle and Hawk Riders, two units Drycha barely uses and can only get through landmarks. Hawk Riders she can only obtain through the "Peaks of Parravon" and "Sacred Grounds of Anath Raema". It also buffs all elf cavalry!.... which is just Glade Riders for Drycha.

Hukon, the Sunderer and Addaioth, Bringer of Fire, both these skills buff Forest Dragons which is once again, a unit Drycha can only get through two landmarks (Bamboo Grove and Gnoblar Outpost), and a unit she couldn't even get in WH2 even though the tree is the same in both games. So in WH3 it is at least somewhat useful, but still not very much at all. The Hukon tech should definitely be boosting Malevolent Treemen and Zoats though, but maybe the Feral Manticore or a different type of wild spirit can be added here.

Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God: This technology buffs Glade Lords... a lord type Drycha doesn't have access to. In the description it also mentions Glade Captains, a unit Drycha can get, but those aren't shown to be actually effected in the "the following units will receive bonuses from this technology" section.

Then we have the Lileath, the Maiden technology. This one literally only ups the capacity for Spellsingers, a hero type Drycha has no access to, making the tech completely useless for Drycha.

Drycha's faction uses the Lores of Shadows, Beasts and Life. But the Cadai tech buffs Lore of High Magic. The Cytharai tech buffs Lore of Dark Magic, which Drycha also can't use. Asuryna, the Creator and Hekarti, Mistress of Magic also both buff Lore of High and Lore of Dark, which is useless.

Wisdom of the Ancients buffs the Lore of Beasts, and adds a bound spell. It should affect Ancient Treeman Lords, but it only actually affects Durthu... So it seems it only affects the regular Ancient Treeman Lords and not the Malevolent Treeman Lords, and Drycha can only get the Malevolent version.

The only tech that actually buffs the following wild spirits: Feral Bears, Great Hawks, Feral Manticore, and Cave Bats is the Wisdom of the Wildwood technology, and the affected units section shows that the Cave Bats and Feral Bears aren't even affected by the tech even though they should.

The only other tech that buffs Giant Wolves and Giant Spiders is the Wisdom of Addaivoch. So Giant Spiders and Giant Wolves are only affected by two techs, and the other wild spirits by literally one, which is even bugged.

Aside from the specific things above, most of the techs seem to be boosts for Elf units, even though that's nowhere near as useful as it would be boosting Dryads, or other tree spirits. Loec, Vaul, Nethu, Eldrazor, Estreath, Khaine, all buff elf units, even though the glamoured elfs are only a minor part of Drycha's faction. We only have Isha to buff Dryad units from the skills outside of the "Wisdom of..." techs.

I personally feel like this tech tree needs to be redone completely. I know that's a lot of work, and there's more to it with balancing and such, but it really does need at least two pairs of eyes looking at it, and tweaking where needed. There's bugs, inconsistancies and oversights in this tree, and things like the Lileath tech are just sad, especially as it takes 9 turns to research with 100% research rate (see below for evidence).

Pretty, pretty, pretty please give Drycha an actual tech tree that's catered to her faction instead of a regular wood elf tech tree with two techs slapped on it! Pretty please?
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