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Known IssueWargrove of Woe tech tree - two bugs of non-affected units

Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 480
Since my thread got moved to the feedback section (https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/332115/wargrove-of-woe-tech-tree-in-dire-need-of-changing), I've decided to split the actual bugs from the suggestions, posting the bugs in this thread, as there were also some bugs mentioned in there that do belong in this bugs section.

1) Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God, the tech mentions buffing Glade Captains, but "the following units will receive bonuses from this technology" confirms Glade Captains aren't actually affected. Glade Lords are but she can't get those.

2) Wisdom of the Ancients is bugged too. It says it affects Ancient Treeman lords but the Malevolent Ancient Treeman of Drycha aren't affected as shown by the "the following units will receive bonuses from this technology", only Durthu is.

Like I said, the rest in the thread weren't actual bugs but still things that do need changing, but at least these two cases are actual bugs and belong here :)
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    Hey there @Kennyannydenny#4548

    Thanks for these, have popped them over for investigation.

    Tama ^-^
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