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More interesting faction/Lord effects for Chaos Dwarfs LLs

Sagez#6761Sagez#6761 Registered Users Posts: 814
Many players were disappointed with Lord & Faction effects of Chaos Dwarfs LLs. Stuff like 10% research rate for Astragoth, armaments cost - 10% for Drazhoath or ability ''sadistic snare'' for Zhatan are rather underwhelming.

My proposals:
- minus 8 leadership for enemy during siege battles for Drazhoath (factionwide)
- plus 10 leadership for Hobgoblin units and Labourers for Zhatan (only his army)
- plus 30% more experience gain for Sorcerer-Prophets for Astragoth (factionwide)

Those effects would increase replayability and make them feel more distinct.

Astragoth could also buff (+10 attack and +20 charge?) Tauruses and Lamassu; it would make sense because they are the ''sacred'' beings of Hashut and Lamassu are tied to Sorcerers.

Thanks for Chaos Dwarfs, they are awesome.
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