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Quest and Unique Maps not present in Immortal Empires

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In TW:Warhammer 2 when fight battles in certain areas quest battle maps would be used instead of generic (i.e. fighting in black fire pass would load the black fire pass map for the battle)
In TW:Warhammer 3 this no longer happens and therefore increases the repetition of battles (Black Fire Pass now loads a generic mountain map instead)

This may be a repeat so feel free to delete if it already exists.
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  • Jedidias1#5903Jedidias1#5903 Registered Users Posts: 390
    Hope they fix this soon!
  • CA_Tama#5904CA_Tama#5904 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,073
    edited May 26
    Hey there

    This was a design choice and not a bug but I'll move this post too feedback if you are not happy with the current outcome.

    Thank you
    Tama ^-^
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    That makes sense. I do think having at least some of those quest maps return would make sense. I could understand if some areas like the chaos wastes wouldn't really make sense since the design might be different than in TW:Warhammer 1 but it could help reduce map fatigue if done right
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