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Known IssueAriel still not spawning after patch 3.1

Thranduil#3807Thranduil#3807 Registered Users Posts: 10


I just tried a new campaign witht the sisters of twilight in very hard difficulty on immortal empires. I finished the ritual of rebirth of the Witch's wood by turn 29. Ariel didn't spawn, however it is written it was fixed in 3.1 patch... I waited one turn to see if she would spawn after this one turn but nothing happened
I guess wood elves are pretty much doomed until the bug is finally fixed.
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  • Faolian#1637Faolian#1637 Registered Users Posts: 7
    Yep, confirmed for me too
  • Vipscher#6145Vipscher#6145 Registered Users Posts: 1
  • MasterSayo01#2856MasterSayo01#2856 Registered Users Posts: 1,557
    Hello Thranduil#3807

    This is the wrong forum!

    Because this isn't the section for bugs reports for Warhammer 3.

    I suspect that you must place this in the section: https://forums.totalwar.com/categories/wh3-immortal-empires

    Moderator can you please move to the right section: https://forums.totalwar.com/categories/wh3-immortal-empires?

    Thanks. :)
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  • CA_Liam#6659CA_Liam#6659 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 883
    Hey there!

    This is something we're aware of and are looking into. She does spawn if you're the 1st Wood Elf faction to perform a rebirth, however she will spawn for others, stopping you (The player) from recruiting her if they complete it first. Rest assured, we're investigating this.

    All the best,
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  • Thranduil#3807Thranduil#3807 Registered Users Posts: 10
    Thank you CA_Liam for your answer. The problem is that they get Ariel way too early, some persons said that it's very common around turn 20-25 ( I confirm this ), which makes impossible for the player to perform a ritual of rebirth by this short amount of time. As I said, I made the sisters of twilight campaign a lot of time in hard difficulty and the AI NEVER got Ariel before me. This is clearly a bug that has been introduced since the lauch of chaos dwarfs.
  • #796340#796340 Registered Users Posts: 4

    She does spawn if you're the 1st Wood Elf faction to perform a rebirth, however she will spawn for others, stopping you (The player) from recruiting her if they complete it first.

    The world map in-game always shows all NPC factions with 0 magical forest health which should preclude their performing a ritual of rebirth following the rules for players. I must presume that NPC's have a short-cut to the rebirth ritual which now precludes players from competing with them for Ariel. Like Thranduil, my experience previously was Ariel always spawned for me, but since the April version 3.0 update she never spawns.

  • Eyebrows4#5663Eyebrows4#5663 Registered Users Posts: 2
    No matter how quickly i perform my first forest rebirth I seem to be beaten by other factions
  • Vector#8695Vector#8695 Registered Users Posts: 16
    Durthu gets Ariel around turn 20. Good luck starting your ritual by turn 10.
  • endurstonehelm#6102endurstonehelm#6102 Registered Users Posts: 4,285
    Ok, I'm pretty sure what is happening is this.

    The AI recruits Ariel around level 15 or 16.

    So the player can only receive Ariel if the player faction completes a rebirth before the two AI factions reach level 15 or 16.

    The sisters have a slight chance to complete a rebirth if they race, especially if playing on a lower difficulty level.

    However, your best chance at success is to confederate the other two factions before they reach level 15. I was able to do this as Orion on legendary. I think took my time and did a rebirth around turn 60 and got Ariel.

    In any case, if you didn't get Ariel after doing a rebirth, its because Ariel is already on the map. So you will get her once you confederate the faction that has her. However, see my other post (if you confederate her, she will lack her items; if you recruit her directly, she will have her items).

  • Drazhir#5699Drazhir#5699 Registered Users Posts: 36
    Currently at turn 20 Ariel gets assigned to the strongest (as in strength rank in the diplomacy screen) AI faction that can use her.

    The issue comes from the wh3_main_legendary_characters script introduced in patch 3.0. There are several problems in this script (which I fixed in the Community Bug Fix Mod):
    - Ariel always spawns for the AI at turn 20 regardless if there is a player that can use her
    - Ariel always spawns without her items
    - Gorduz/Ulrika/Ghoritch never spawn for the AI

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