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User Info Required(3.1) New dark elves slave system might not be working as intended!

Yety#1844Yety#1844 Registered Users Posts: 65
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Disclaimer: I am not sure if this is a bug or intended but because it is a massive change and i have not seen anybody mention it I thought I start a discussion about it.

In update 3.1 the reduction to construction time has been removed due to the introduction of "Rush Construction" as stated in the blog post. However the reduction to global construction cost and the boost to income from all buildings is also removed even though the different tiers for the slave amounts still exist. In the picture shown this would have been -25% construction cost and +20% income from all buildings at 10k+ slaves in 3.0. Now it only increases control at low slave levels and decreases control at high slave levels. This is a massive nerf for the dark elve economy!

In update 2.2 the slave system was changed so it is beneficial to have high slaves because it boosts income, lowers construction cost and reduces construction time at the expense of a decrease to public order for the different tiers.

If this is a bug it should be hotfixed as quickly as possible as it has a major impact on the whole race.

If this is intended I do not really understand the change and do not really agree with it. In my opinion a good game mechanic should be a dilemma with pros and cons. For example have high slaves and a strong economy at the cost of control or have low slaves but therefore lower boosts and higher control. Right now there is no incentive or upside at all to have a high number of slaves because there are only drawbacks due to lower control therefore it is best to always have low slaves and get the control boost. It should be similar to the chaos dwarfs where you want high slaves for your economy at the cost of control and you need to manage it.
In my opinion incentivising the player into only one play style is a bad move because it takes the strategy out of a strategy game.

I would love to hear other peoples opinion on this!
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  • yanghaohit#5017yanghaohit#5017 Registered Users Posts: 21
    "Rush Construction" maybe a convenient function for novice players, but personally, I really don't like it. It takes time to build a building, and "Rush Construction" does not conform to common sense. Also, when the enemy attacks you, if you can instantly magically build a defence building and create more garrison out of thin air, it actually reduces the strategy of the game, because it doesn't require you to think and judge, and it doesn't require you to act in advance to respond.

    Referring to the economy,the slave system changes in Patch 3.1 did weaken the economy of the Delf. I tried loading an old Delf save(Rakarth), and found that my “predicted income” drop from 90k in the old patch(if I recall correctly) to 30k in the new patch.The changes in the update have a big economic impact on settlement with a harbor. And of course, the removal of the factionwide income bonus mentioned by the author is another significant effect.

    I really miss the slave system of the Dark Elf in warhammer 2, and don't understand why it is necessary to change it completely in warhammer 3, maybe Chaos Dwarfs owe the Dark Elf an explanation.

    (English isn’t my first language, I used the help of Google Translate to write this,so please excuse any grammatical mistakes)
  • CA_Tama#5904CA_Tama#5904 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,053
    Hey there again @Yety#1844

    Please can you upload the following files so we can further investigate


    You can find out how to upload these by clicking here

    Thank you for your patience
    Tama ^-^
    Formal disclaimer: any views or opinions expressed here are those of the poster and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of The Creative Assembly or SEGA.
  • Yety#1844Yety#1844 Registered Users Posts: 65
    I don't have access to the files because I am playing through GeForce Now. Nevertheless please investigate these bugs...

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