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Bug: Nakai the wanderer AI gets stuck or something often

torak8988#3885torak8988#3885 Registered Users Posts: 135
This will be a very short post. I don’t exactly know how Nakai’s AI works, however I noticed he very often gets stuck in place. Is there any chance Nakai’s AI can be rewritten so he simply hunts down razed settlements to settle with his custom faction or target easy to conquer settlements?

I’m currently running a fantastic campaign with the map that I greatly enjoy where all minor faction settlements are redistributed amongst the major factions.

However, as I’ve noticed before even without this custom map, Nakai gets stuck and does nothing quite a bit. I’m not sure what’s going on and maybe it’s on my end. But I’d expect Nakai to colonize any settlement he can to grow his vassal faction, however he is frozen in place.

Thanks for all the bug fixes devs, I'm very happy you guys work so hard to perfect warhammer 3!
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