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User Info RequiredTzeentch and Vilitch old bugs are still active and new ones popped up

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Doom Knights are (STILL!) missing from the Speed & Malice red skill for Chaos Lords/Daemon Princes. Knights of Immolation (Doom Knights RoR) are present. Bug exists since Champions of Chaos release.

A while ago someone made post with bugs seriously affecting both Tzeentch's and Vilitch campaigns, so today he went down the list to check what was fixed.

Armour of Delirium issue - fixed

Accursed Horrors and Myriad Servants issue - fixed (all melee units added to Myriad Servants skill). Simultaneously CA forgot to remove Marauders and Chaos Warriors from Accursed Horrors (they still getting +10% to barrier strength).

Metallurgical Morphism issue - not fixed (Chosen are listed in the tech, but not affected).

Gift of Mutation issue - not fixed, Marauder Horsemen listed, but not affected by this tech.

Issue with Speed & Malice was also mentioned in that thread - not fixed.

Temple of Tzeentch tech (+3% Physical Resist for all armies for each active Gift of Tzeentch) for Villitch also is bugged out and reset to 0. Rreplacement of the one of active Gifts required to get those bonuses back.

*also in regards to Khorne and Valkia:

Skullcrushers of Khorne disappeared from 2nd tier of red skills for (Chaos Lord/Daemon Prince layout) for both Valkia and Skarbrand.

In case people think that bonuses applied even if unit is not displayed in a tooltip - direct comparison between rank 9 and rank 0 Skullcrushers with all relevant skills and tech unlocked. So yeah, if unit is missing from a tooltip - it's not getting any listed bonuses.

Mortal Brutality tech (+5% weapon strength for all armies for each active Gift of Khorne - up to +20% max) is bugged out and reset to 0. Rreplacement of the one of active Gifts required to get those bonuses back. That's why Skullcrushers have default weapon strength in the link above.

Also note that Knights of the Blazing Throne (Skullcrushers RoR) is missing from the tooltips too.
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