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[DUPE] BUG REPORT Drycha campaign

Thranduil#3807Thranduil#3807 Registered Users Posts: 10

I already made a discussion about this topic but I posted it in the wrong section. Apologies for posting again

I just started a new campaign on immortal empires on very hard difficulty and I completed the ritual of rebirth with Drycha. Due to that, imperial forces spawned and I defeated them. However, by killing them, it gave me -250 - or about this - relation with ALL dwarves factions. I made this campaign quite a lot of times and I never got this, last time I played this campaign was before 3.1, even before 3.0 and I remember that I had a strong alliance with ungrim although I made my ritual and defeated the imperial forces generated by the ritual. It really f*ck the campaign since all the dwarves factions will declare war on you. Furthermore, if it's something that has been added, it makes no sense lorewise since the dwarves don't really care much about the empire and other's business as long as they don't disturb their own affairs.
Can someone confirm that it's a new bug ?
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    Hey there @Thranduil#3807

    In future please request a thread be moved rather then make a dupe. I will close this one as I replied on the first one.

    Thank you
    Tama ^-^
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