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The upcoming 10th Anniversary of Total War Rome 2

Piran#4259Piran#4259 Registered Users Posts: 20
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Soon - 3 September 2023 will be the 10th anniversary of the release of Total War Rome 2. Devs should add a Flc ( maybe with 1 playable faction for exampe Media Atropatene with few unique units or maybe 1 or 2 historical battles for example Pharsalus with Julius Caesar vs Pompey the Great , Carrahe about Crassus against Parthian Empire - these battles were in game files but they are not used to this day). Especially since the next big installment, which will come out in October, will also be about Acient times. Maybe is good occasion for this new Flc and that's not a bad idea?
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  • PERICLES1789#7991PERICLES1789#7991 Registered Users Posts: 186
    Yes a free flc, even limited, would be fine. But I fear this is highly not a possibility. But you are right a commercial gesture from CA would be very welcome.
  • Krystarcos#8270Krystarcos#8270 Registered Users Posts: 78
    I agree with this proposal. It would be a nice gesture from CA to the loyal players of the game, since it become one of the most loved games of the franchise for us.

    They could give us something even related with the Total War Pharaoh inside the Total War Rome 2 to engage us with the new game, a new faction or the improvement of the factions located in the egyptian regions. Maybe the battle of Kadesh like in the original Rome Total War and we would be thankful to CA.
  • Piran#4259Piran#4259 Registered Users Posts: 20
    CA should apologize to the players and try to regain their favor before the release of TW: Pharoah. Some big image campaign is needed to regain face in the eyes of the players. In addition to fixing the recently broken historical games, CA should release the Flc I suggested. Both Rome 2 and Pharoah are antiquity, so there's a lot in common to bring back public interest. A new faction (Media or Media Atropatene for example with some unique units) and 2 historical battles like Carrhae and Pharsalus (they were even prepared and hidden in the game files as discovered by players) would be something good. This is how the company can regain the trust and good opinion of the players. Without them, the company does not exist and they should not forget that.
  • Piran#4259Piran#4259 Registered Users Posts: 20
    Of course there is nothing. Such a "friendly" company to players....
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