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Crashing After Battles

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So I've been having a recurring issue in IE. I pretty consistently crash after battles, and it usually happens on the loading screen itself. While I do have crashes elsewhere (such as in the battle itself or on the campaign map), it's almost always after a battle. And it's happening. A. Lot. To the point where I can't really play the game.

I've tried multiple fixes: from verifying the files; to reinstalling then verifying the files; to uninstalling, deleting all local data (including my Chorf campaign that I was so far into :'c), reinstalling, and then verifying files; to lowering graphics settings and uninstalling all mods. The problem, however, persists.

Would really love some insight or some patch to fix this. I've seen recent negative reviews of the game claiming the same problem, so I know I'm not the only one experiencing it.

I've not tried out the Vortex campaign since all this started cause, well, I'm only interested in IE.

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