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**** you forum **** and **** you CA, burn in hell

Nihtantuel#8237Nihtantuel#8237 Registered Users Posts: 325
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This community is a piece if trash and I don't want anything to do with it. Go ahead and ban me forever, I don't want to return to this piece of **** forum. When the next DLC releases - look in the **** mirror, you will see CA's **** in your mouth. Despite your made up concern about what is happening - you aren't doing ****.

You can keep expecting great things from a company that at this point has probably 10 developers across all offices of hundreds of people, to bring you the next breakthrough. Do you know why the opened a new office in Bulgaria? Because it is **** cheap. Like the trust of the average player. And all they could produce with that was **** Troy. Even that was a disastrous failure.

Blizzard still keeps going off of the old glory, why can't CA? It has like 5-7 years of your favourite DLCs coming up. YAY, so excited! You can keep discussing the price hike, but you forget one important thing - CA still has a firm grip on your ass until you quit.

So keep sucking the same old ****. If you lot are incapable of understanding basic concepts - you are a part of the issue.
You can keep your good people like @Fingolfin_the-Golden#2157 , @Kn_Gars#2718 and @davedave1124#4773 , the paramounts of CA's troll apologists and engage in civilised discussion with them, further deluding the argument.

And mods - I don't need another **** warning. Just consider that I insulted the whole lot of you and your mothers. I am not returning. **** all of you.
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