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Black Screen on turn end - Most fixes have been tried to no avail. PLEASE HELP

copkillah#4832copkillah#4832 Registered Users Posts: 4
Title says all. Black screen after a few turns (on every campaign.) It runs smoothly on the campaign and battlemap, but then just blacks out with the cursor and audio still there after a few turns. I've looked up and tried every damn guide available online going back a decade. Acer laptop with i5 cpu and iris xe integrated graphics, no mods. I'd be grateful for any and all help. Just don't ask me if I've tried any of the typical fixes because yes, yes I have, and I will shoot myself in the face if I'm the victim of more bad advice.


  • copkillah#4832copkillah#4832 Registered Users Posts: 4
    I would also like to add that warhammer and wargammer 2 runs great. It's just Atilla and Rome2 that is unplayable. Solid fps when i did a benchmark, so I don't believe it's the hardware. I can't make sense of it. I did the script thing with directx11 even though my script didn't even have it; tried moving the .exe folder to the launch folder - although I couldn't find it and it wasn't even present when searched; I verfied the files through steam, I have reinstalled both Steam and the game, I've checked for updates for my drivers and OS; and I've tried running it with different settings in countless ways including vsync and windowed mode, both with and without in different resolutions; I've even tried running it without an internet connection and without antivirus program. Absolutely nothing is working. Genuinely upsetting that so many other people have had this problem going years back and there's still no straightfoward solution. Not to mention the game is 10 years old.
  • copkillah#4832copkillah#4832 Registered Users Posts: 4
    edited August 31
    Here is my gfx log if it has any bearing on the subject at hand.

    device_description = "Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics"
    in_database = FALSE
    found_vendor_device_ids = FALSE
    final_quality = 0
    m_gpu_memory_type_final = 0
    vista_or_later = TruE
    sixty_four_bit_OS = tRUE
    integrated_gpu = fAlSe
    uma_64_bit = FAlSE
    available.unlimited_video_memory = TRUe
    current.unlimited_video_memory = FalsE
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  • copkillah#4832copkillah#4832 Registered Users Posts: 4
    I've renamed the appdata folder and relaunched the game. The game changed to "spartan edition" even though I've never bought that, although it didn't have any of the dlc. Started a new campaign, black screen on first turn end. I've now deleted the appdata folder, uninstalled the game and am now reinstalling it. I'll give up after this last ditch effort. Thank you for a broken piece of ****, CA.
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