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Beachus mod, Rome total war mac!!!!!

beachusbeachus Junior MemberPosts: 7Registered Users
Hello everyone, I have made a very small mod for rome total war, this is a mod for the mac version of Rome total war. All that I have done is edited the unit size, and formations of some units to make the game 1.) more historic and 2.) make it more fun.
one of the edits that I have done is I took phalanx mode off of all units that use said formation, I did this for all of the units except for the Phalanxers, but all hoplites another units that have the shorter pikes in vinalla rome now use regular spears, like the triarii. the ones I did not remove it from were the spartans, and the punic infantry, everyone else however does not use this, and instead use normal spears. I have found it make the game more enjoyable to play.
I have also allowed some units to be used in other factions. like macadon cavalry can now be used by the greek cities, and archers for the carthagininas. I will post the file and instructions on how to use shortly. Ive just got some more testing to do. Victoria romanum
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