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Fall of the Samurai CD Install + Huge Download [Solved]

Beast-MachineBeast-Machine Junior MemberPosts: 7Registered Users
I just got my cops of the Limited Edition Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai today from Best-Buy, came home popped in the CD, estimated time 1 hr for roughly 29000 MB okay. 1 hour later the install is finished, I am very exited now I just have to take a shower first then I will play. I come back and what do I see in my games library, DOWNLOADING 38% 11k/29k MB, 12 HOURS LEFT!!!! I just got finished installing the game via disks wtf is this, please help me I very confused and very angry at the moment.
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  • Beast-MachineBeast-Machine Junior Member Posts: 7Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    The downloads still said it was downloading Shogun 2, but I went to my steam folder and it said there was 28 GB of data, so I went ahead and clicked play on shogun 2. A thing popped up about an update, so now there are 2 things downloading, and I waited 30 minutes until it was finished. After that I was able to launch Shogun 2, and what do you know it works.... The download for shogun 2 is now paused, I go to activate my Limited Edition DLC and Steam restarts. After the restart the download is gone and I can play my Fall of the Samurai.

    So short and simple if you run into the same problems as me, just wait for that smaller patch to download and install then restart Steam and it should be fixed.:)
  • adamrcperrieradamrcperrier Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    I also got the pre-release FotS from my local store. I do not own Shogun 2.

    After installing the first 2 disks without any problems the 3rd disk only completed about 20% before it just stalled and the progress indicator did not change for at least 1 hour. After a while the install started to progress again although instead of finishing installing from the disk it was downloading the remaining content off the internet steam connection.

    This is was about 6Gb in size and is taking forever. I tried to restart and see if there was a fault but I can't play the game it seems until this download has finished.

    This is very frustrating having a game with the installation disks and waiting over 18 hours to begin playing (still waiting another 3 hours). I am close to taking it back to the shops for a refund.. great way to ruin the purchase of a new game.
  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKPosts: 31,549Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    edited March 2012
    There is a 5GB patch/update that comes after the install. Obviously it is stuff that is not on the disc, but that is necessary to play the game.

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  • skidmark0001skidmark0001 Junior Member Posts: 2Registered Users
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    So I installed shogun 2 after x amount of hours from a internet connection. Now that I'm discinnected fron the intermet and trying to play, I can't. It always display steam unable to connect. What can I do a bout this?
  • IscaranIscaran Tech-Hero. Posts: 4,229Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    Did you select STEAM to launch in OFFLINE mode ? Or did you just remove the internet connection.

    Btw Steam is no spyware (like incredibar).


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