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Small unit size?

WarbingtonWarbington Junior MemberPosts: 7Registered Users
Most of the games I get into are against 1-3 stars because of the new avatar thingy. When I finally get into a good game the unit size is always at tiny? WHY?!
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  • vapera29vapera29 Member Posts: 80Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    perhaps your computer is automatically on small unit size due to either personal preference, or maybe your computer cant handle it.
    or its perhaps the other side has set their unit scale on small and your just unlucky:cool:
  • kalnerkalner Member Posts: 33Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    Not high enough rank. Get to face lvl 4 or 5 and its med size.
  • JihadJoeJihadJoe Senior Member Posts: 166Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    Warbington wrote: »
    Most of the games I get into are against 1-3 stars because of the new avatar thingy. When I finally get into a good game the unit size is always at tiny? WHY?!

    I will put money on it being people who are well aware that all gunpowder units are more effective on small unit size.

    Essentially -
    - Small size = every man in a unit in the front rank
    - Entire unit fires a volley at once
    - This will kill a proportionally greater amount of the target unit then it would on medium or large.

    Therefore guns have an advantage on small unit size. This doesn't make much difference for FotS armies vs FotS armies, but a lot of people know that not every army out there is a FotS army. Therefore to increase their precious win ratio, many people will set their unit size to small, thus getting a guaranteed win against Shogun armies, but not lose any advantage vs FotS armies.

    Samurai armies are completely screwed vs FotS if the unit size is set to small.

    Infact this little trick was pulled on myself and a friend of mine in a 2 vs 2 earlier. Jokoro and myself both playing with a shogun army, and our opponents playing with FotS armies. These two upstanding gentlemen had set their unit size to small, and when I questioned this, they proceeded to attempt to blame myself and my friend, rather than taking any responsibility for their slightly shady and annoying tactics. In short, they (ab)used the small size to gain an advantage and then lied about it.

    It'd be an understatement to say I was annoyed about it. Particularly given these two gentlemen came from an extremely well respected clan.
  • Hidden GunmanHidden Gunman Moderator Posts: 4,606Moderators
    edited March 2012
    Players set their unit size in their options to small/tiny/their brain size so that they can exploit the morale drops caused by gunfire...by having small size units, they can string them out into one rank formation and everyone fires at once.

    Basically, when x casualties are taken by a unit, it's morale drops, so you don't have to fire on a unit as many times to break it if it only has a small number of men. Plus, artillery has a 'casualty radius', so one hit on a unit will do proportionally more damage if it is a small unit than it will if the unit is a large unit.

    The exploit is more or less a 'first in, best dressed' thing.

    Edit: I will make my position clear: I consider it cheating.
    Yes, it's me.

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  • HaZE7HaZE7 Senior Member Posts: 431Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    Small unit size favors missile.

    Obvious exploiting if you run in to many small unit size.
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