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Das Heilige Römische Reich Best Submod

Karl von SachsenKarl von Sachsen Junior MemberPosts: 8Registered Users
edited March 2012 in Total War Eras Mods!
Custom/Historical Battles + new units submod: v.2
new additions:
Historical Battles:
- Battle of Döffingen

-Dismounted Mailed Knights
-"Eary German Infantry" just becomes "Early Infantry" (now available
for Denmark, Sweden, England and France + new skin)
-new "German Huscarls"
-Light Men at Arms
-Dismounted Noble Knights now available for the HRE factons (just because I think they're a really cool unit and I like diversity in my armies)

added my units to the campaign.

Custom Battle Maps:

-Baltic Plains (Russia)
-Norse Wilderness (Sweden)
-Normandy (France)
-Cornish Hills (England)
-Lowland Hills (Scotland)
-Rocky Desert (Palestine)
-Portuguese Border
-Pyranese Mountains (Spain)
-Greek Island
-Tuscany (Italy)
-Sicilian Hills (Italy)
-Georgian Steppe
-Arno River (Italy)

This is probably the last i will be adding. Probably wont find the time to add anything and I think its already fine the way it is. Theres not really much more I could add to dHRR, the best m2tw mod there is.

Installation: Download the RAR file and extract and replace the "data" file with the one in your Medieval II Total War/mods/HRR_07/ folder. Make sure you back up anything in there you want to keep.
Download it here:


previous additions:

Here's a small submod i've done in which I enabled the custom and historical battles option. Here's what I've added:

Custom Battle locations:
-Rhein Crossing
-West Rheinland
-Lorrainian Forest
-Niedersachsen Coast
-Bavarian Country
-Tyrolian Mountains
-Franconian Wilderness
-Mecklenburg river-mouth
-Rhein Bridge

Historical Battles:
-Battle of Elster
-Battle of Gammelsdorf
-Battle of Schmilau
-Battle of Worringen
(I did my research, but of course its not completly accurate. I've got a fairly good grade in history but im not a historian)


- Early German Infantry
- Early German Swordsmen
- German Huscarls
- Imperial Armoured Swordsmen

-Rudolf von Rheinfelden
-Otto von Northeim
-Heinrich VI
-Ludwig der Bayer
-Friedrich der Schöne
-Leopold von Österreich
-Johann von Brabant
-Eberhart I. von der Mark
-Adolf V. von Berg
-Adolf von Nassau
-Siegfried von Westerburg (archbishop of Köln)
-Heinrich VI von Luxemburg

-fixed the texture on the swords of the armour upgraded swabian swordsmen.
-Imperial Knights and Dismounted Imperial knights now have shields according to the different duchies they belong to.
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