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Vanguard mons doesn't appear in battles (atleast imperial vanguard)

PertsaPertsa MemberPosts: 97Registered Users
edited March 2012 in Fall of the Samurai
So the problem is in title. I chose to be imperial vanguard and it changed my mon in the campaing map but when i played battle I had the original Saga mon.
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  • Hunter_X22Hunter_X22 Senior Member Posts: 275Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    I have that as well. I am Saga and became the Imperial Vanguard and got the new mon. Then during the battles it goes back to the original mon. Does that effect the other Imperial clans? Since Saga was only part of the Limited Edition (I think).
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  • NoodleMeisterNoodleMeister Senior Member Posts: 242Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    I play as Satsuma and get the same thing... I hope they will fix this, I'd be nice to fly imperial colors in battle :D
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