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"March to the Sea" War Economy and Play Style

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Legendary Republic of Jozai Challenge Strategy.

After reading about this Challenge From the forum member The Monetary on the total war center forums:

"Call to arms lades and gentlemen its time for us to show our mettle in the Legendary Republic Challenge this is what i belive is the hardest and most imba Total war experience to date, and i play alot of total war. If you accept know this you will struggle you will cry and most likely you will give up. Here are the Rules

Go Republic(Make a stand)
Short campaign
If you pass the time limit you fail
All factions allowed, No other rules. "

I decided I was going to complete it, because
1.) I needed the Forum Rep. and felt I had lurked the forum for far too Long
2.) It sounded Insane
3.) I’m a glutton for punishment

After trying like 6 times, I kept running into the same problems in the Post-Independence (PI) phase, these problems included
1.) Lack of funds because of no Japanese clans will trade with you once your Independent
2.) Army/Navy Upkeep for the Army/Navy you have and the upkeep for Army/Navy you NEED
3.) Unrest in all my core regions during the transition
4.) Lots, I mean lots of AI armies/navies marching towards my borders and bombing my harbors/infrastructure

With all those things I coming at me in the PI I tried a number of things in different campaigns, like for instance building up my 7 core (1 vassal) region into an economic power house, transferring to a modern army ASAP, and getting a powerful but cost effective navy. Now If this was a long Campaign those strategies may of worked, in this short campaign like the challenge says you do not have the luxury of time to build your economy into a powerhouse.

So I decided I was going to have to take a more “direct method” of bringing the Japanese Republic to its rightful place. Namely looting and burning anything and everything that wasn’t in a my core provinces or belonged to someone else, I call this the “March to the Sea play style” after US Union General Sherman of the US Civil War and his Campaign of Total War.

Looting in Dishonor: When you loot you do lower your honor, but this is capped at -3. So after you loot 3 cities you cannot lose anymore honor by looting. This can be counter balanced by research, retainers, or by establishing vassals (which you can then conquer). Once you survive the initial -3 honor debuff from looting you have nothing to worry about:

Loot 3 regions= -3 honor, loot 14 regions= -3 honor

Imperial VS Shogunate: Remember the imperial backed clans and the Shogunate back clans will still battle each other after you declare Independence. Use this to you advantage.

“March to the Sea play style”

Scourge: “Cow after Cow, Pig after Pig………..”

War economy: The economy of this play style can only be transitioned into once you have a decent (not maxed out) economic base. The main difference with this play style is once you go on the offensive you cannot stop, you literally cannot afford to stop, as soon as you stop looting and attacking, it’s the beginning of a slow death by attrition.

For this play style to work you’re going to need to look at you funds in a different manner than most normally would. Let’s say you just looted a city and your treasure is showing 20,000 koku but your -2000 per turn income is in the Red from all your forces and such, the standard way to look at this is to think ok I need to improve my economy or disbanded units to get out of the negative per turn funds.

In the March to the Sea Style you see 20,000 koku (-2000 per turn) as : I can keep my offensive up with current forces for 10 turns before I need to loot another city, or I need to loot another city in less than 10 turns because I’m purchasing more forces. Your funds once you start this play style will come completely from looting other regions. So this means that you will have to keep conquering to survive. All that looted money goes to getting out units to send to the front to fight and to getting your railroads up (faster transport).

Every territory that is not one of your Personal Core regions must be and will be sacked and every building in of military value must be burnt to the ground no exceptions. It’s you vs. the world and the world is not going to be Merciful.

Do not be tempted into a Peaceful occupation of any other territory not matter how good it is set up.
–Don’t feel bad thats just fancy smancy moral Epiphanies effecting the cold calculus of war, besides this game is total war after all.

As soon as you stop to occupy you funds will start to dry up quick. Loot it and burn any all building to the ground and move on to the next territory, or loot it then repair it if it needs to become your new front line base and it has a rail station, but only if you can hold it without stopping your offensive. Leave nothing for the enemy but a shattered region that only a shadow of its former self.

As soon as a Territory is looted and burnt to the ground, move on to next territory. Do not repair anything unless your need to repair a fort because an army you can only defeat on defense has made an appearance and you cannot hid from it. Let other clans capture the territory or let it rebel, that way they can pay for the repair costs and if a new clan appears the it will be a weak clan that can will field a weak army (because you burnt down any building that could help them) easily wiped out buy you better more modern forces.

Hide when you need too, use your agents, if you see an army coming toward you that you cannot defeat then play on the defensive, go another direction, or hide in the forest. If you can’t take a city because it’s too heavily defended then bypass it and move on to a city with weaker defenses.

As you can imagine these tactics would wreak havoc on any clans lightly defended interior provinces, but avoiding their Main army can be tricky. But the next subjects are core components to the survival of your offensive and War Economy.

Agents: Each army should have at least two agents with it, with the funds you going to be spending for the war, their attacks and bonus applied to armies their imbedded with will be another tool at your disposal. An agent’s actions like killing generals or distracting and sabotaging will be an important part of the war effort.

Navy: you’re going to need a foreign iron clad no way around it, as Jonzai I went with the American mission because you can get 2 of their Iron Clad type ships, and the American trade lane was closer to me than the British or the French. But this is really what/who you prefer. Try to have a side medium navy or two that can act as a deterrent to other navies (besides you Iron Clads) or use it to support you army. And put a general in your iron clad, they will be doing lots of fighting and you will gain experience for them by fighting naval battles.

Main Army: This is your main force, This army needs to have a geisha, Foreign vet, and a ninja agent you need this army to attack and burn any settlement it can conquer and advance forward to the next and the ninja agent will let you know where to go and where not to. But use any spare agents you have to scout out ahead of you, and attack any other army or agent, with funds you have coming in from looting these agents and their attacks will be an invaluable part of your war effort. So you know where the enemy is. Attack where they are weak and avoid where they are strong.

Your Income will come directly from the looting this army does. This army is not meant to be and should never be used as an occupation force, this army should be used to sack cities and destroy any enemy army you come across. Do not let this army get bogged down trying to hold a region with unrest, only slow you advancing assault to regain some lost troop numbers. You will need at least one piece of artillery with this army just to get the kind of damage you need out of it. If possible also support this army with so expendable naval units, and then you have a force to be reckoned with.

The Expeditionary Force (your clans pillaging Amphibious Assault army): This armies only duty is to go from port city to port city Looting burning and leaving before the enemies clans main army can show up. This force will need to be transported by Iron Clad (so no losing your army being transported because of a weak navy), since being transported in a foreign ironclad will let this army move unhindered on the seas.
My make up for such a force was this:
1X Best Looting General
1X US Iron Clad
1X Us Marine
3-4X Line Infantry
4X Levy Infantry (cannon Fodder)
2X Cannon (parrott guns)
2X Spear Levy

The job of this force is to loot all those lightly defended provinces next to the Sea, and to leave by sea as soon as they are finished looting. This force must be traveling and looting at all times, this force is not to be made or used as an occupying force, your War Economy is relied upon this force to provide you with much needed funds from looting settlements.

Remember to use the naval bombardments to their fullest with this force, the navy is just as much of this force as the ground units are. This Army should never see your main army or home provinces again. Only stay in a Sacked region longer than normal if you have to regain lost troops numbers or repair your ironclad. This army as well as your Main army will be your source of income throughout the campaign. Go from port region to port region sacking burning and moving on to the next.

Army of the Home front: This force will most likely start off with the forces you use to keep public order in your core provinces and protect your home regions, but Once you Main Army is smashing through provinces and leaving nothing but ash before advancing to the next unfortunate region you’re going to be getting very larger sums of money very quickly. This money need to go towards the war effort, by making troops, improving your infrastructure (rail roads, upgrading building, etc.), but do not go overboard with the infrastructure improvements unless you know you can afford them (example: going to sack another region very soon).

Your home front army will need to be improved with better troops as well, because as soon as everything has calmed down in your Core Regions this Army is going to start attacking its way towards you main army conquering the provinces you main army has previously sacked. By this time an enemy clan has most likely taken the shattered region (or it rebelled) and has invested a lot of money in repairing and rebuilding the region. That good because whatever money they enemy is spending to repair the carnage you have caused is money they are not spending on training improved armies to send your way.

So the enemy army defending these previously sack settlements will be weaker (in size or quality), the New home front army you have built with modern units paid for by your looting will more than enough to defeat the defenders. So now your home front army goes on the Offensive recapturing regions. You should occupy the first border region and incorporate them into you clan, or if they provide you with a large amount of money then you can sack and move on then do so because you can create another 2nd home army with the money gain and recapture and occupy the region a third and final time.

Another Front: At this point if you have the funds and a weak enemy is on you boarders you can launch another offensive duplicating the tactics of the Main Army of Sacking and Moving on (and Falling Back). One more region that your sacked is one less region the enemy can gain resources to use against you. This up to you and depends on your game this army should not be used for occupying unless it has captured a “choke hold” region. In which case use it to bog down enemy armies by defending a Choke hold settlement.

The offensive stops going forward: once you feel your Main army has reached its limit of advancing then (to many big armies ahead of you, or your feeling too far away from you home region). You task now is to sack and loot you way back towards your home region hiding when you need to.

Playing as the Jonzai on legendary my Main Army finally had to turn back at gates of Kyoto as I had sacked and fought my way all along the southern coastal regions of Japan while my expeditionary force nearly wiped out Ezo and was sacking its way from port to port down the northern coast.You would be surprised at how fast and how far you can take an army in this manner, just know when to stop and start sacking your way back towards you 1st home army which should be on the offensive.

Main Army and HomeFront Army Meet: Try to make it so your Main army and 1st home Army meet in a region with Railroad capabilities so you can flood troops in from you core regions to refit/restore your armies or to occupy a region. Regroup recover and go on the offensive once again sacking and burning in different directions, by the time this offensive slowing down, your 2nd home army should be ready to go to go on its own offensive. At this point you will most likely have to recruit troops to deal with unrest.

But after that the only thing for you’re to do is continue to loot, burn, and conquer, but at this point keep a look out for a position to be you new front line base. Continue the offensive and sack when you need money and aim at getting provinces with rail lines up as you push forward.

Taxes: I left taxes on normal unless I need to lower them to get order in my core regions.

Afterthoughts: After completing the legendary Republic Short Campaign Challenge from the Total War Center Forums with this play style, I looted over 750,000 koku from settlements and my finances where never in the positive till the final season of the campaign I was playing. To keep settlements in Check I built a police station in every settlement I conquered (if there was not room for it I made room by getting rid of a building I would not use.)


statistics 2

Proof 1

Proof 2

But this tactic worked for me in the Legendary FOTS Republic short campaign Challenge that was posted on the Total War Center forums. So good luck and let me know how this approach of total war works out for you. Expect no mercy and show no mercy.

Thanks for Reading.

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  • Tomb875Tomb875 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 437
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    LOL. Nice
    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
    -Napoleon Bonaparte
    Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack.
    -Sun Tzu (The Art of War)
    Opportunities multiply as they are seized.
    -Sun Tzu (The Art of War)
    Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once."
    -Julius Caesar (II, ii, 32-37)
  • GoergyboyGoergyboy Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 215
    edited April 2012
    Interesting tactics. Well done indeed. If you want it to be a little harder I'd try it with Nagaoka or Choshu. The Jozai's ability to reinforce in enemy territory no doubt helped greatly.
  • OmegazXIOmegazXI Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 17
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    Goergyboy wrote: »
    Interesting tactics. Well done indeed. If you want it to be a little harder I'd try it with Nagaoka or Choshu. The Jozai's ability to reinforce in enemy territory no doubt helped greatly.

    You are correct about jozai's clan ability helping out in enemy territory it was superb for this problem solving approach.

    As for, wanting to do something a little harder..... come man give me a break lol, I just finished burning about half of Japan to the ground on legendary :rolleyes:

    I'm content for the moment but if I do wanna give it another go I'll keep those two clans in mind, but I do know The-Monetary (person who came up with the legendary short campaign republic challenge) from Total War Center did his campaign challenge with the Nagaoka. I'm not sure about what method he used for his campaign.
  • RodeRode Member Registered Users Posts: 77
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    Wow. Do you even realize how many poor farmers you must have killed :)? Very nicely done, been trying to win with legendary, long campaign, Nagaoka, republic for a while now but with no success so far. One question however, you say the army need to have a geisha with it, why is this exactly? I usually just use the geishas to get a bit of money and happiness (when they get to level 3) and the occasional scouting. Should I use them in the army instead?
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