Cant play any MM battles

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On and off i cant play any matchmade battles, just keep on searching then sometimes it say opponent found and nothing happens,cant do ****... If i by a fluke get a battle then in the setup one random player just drops , sometimes its me or my teammate sometimes opponent.. Sometimes it gets better after i restart steam,but as of today i have been trying to get a game going for 5 hours and i have been sucesful 1 time.... Battlelist is working tho.. what is going on?

might add that it have been working mostly untill a few days ago..

can add that the one that worked was a 1v1, it seem to be a 2v2 player issue
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    Hi Kung - is your problem the same as mine? See my thread...
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    His thread was made befolre the patch came out, so probably a different issue, unless the patch has just made it more wide-spread.

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    post hotfix i managed to play 2 2v2´s.. 1st game my computer froze in game,adn my partner crashed 2nd game went good, 3rd same, was about to search for a 4th but it lagged down and got stuck on opponent found...
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