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Choosing the Republican option, or how to get really really depressed.



  • Sirius 21Sirius 21 Senior Member Palermo, ItalyRegistered Users Posts: 1,619
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    I think I'll start a campaign for the Republic, one of these days. My plan is to play as one of the Shogunate factions and I think I'll conquest eastern provinces before RD. I'd like to build a secure position in the eastern side of the map with no AI factions there. Starting from that corner, I'll push westwards.
    My real doubt is: what about looting? Some say you can loot everywhere with no penalties after your first three loots. What If I start looting after RD to avoid bankrupt? Will that damage public order in new provinces so much? Should I avoid looting absolutely, in order to keep my daimyo's honour high?
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  • VampiresbaneVampiresbane Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 206
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    Your public order will be in the sink to begin with Sirius because of your faction alignment changing. I think it takes about a year with Magistrates or higher to go from 100% shogun to 100% republic. After that you don't have to worry about cities revolting as much (at least your own that is).

    What'll probably dictate what you do is your budget. I built up my infrastruture so much I can field two awesome navies and third wooden one as well as 3 big armies and I'm working on a 4th. Even with all that, I earn 16,000/turn on Legendary. My main problem though is most of my generals have movement penalties and it's VERY late in the game (year 1873), but my regions are almost at 100% Republic and after that I'll be able to push out. Right now I'm having to play defensively because of the unrest.

    I probably won't have to loot myself, but if you don't have sufficient infrastructure built up, you may. Because what's more important that unrest? Money. Money. Money. If you don't have any, you can't repair structures, build them, recruit, use agents, etc.
  • DrunkFlamingoDrunkFlamingo Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 234
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    I just beat a republic campaign with satsuma on hard. My strategy was to capture the island I started on and build up an economy, by RD I was making 20000 a turn with 300,000 in reserve. Then I built up a navy and took tosa's island. When RD hit I was in a good position, I controlled the seas around my lands so nobody could invade me easily. The Tsu and Matsue were the only power imperials left and they were hard pressed to stay alive. I attacked the shogunate when they started overwhelming the imperials and took a lot of there land. After I had fleets blocking my important ports from attack the A.I bombardment spam was not to annoying. My tip for people trying to win is isolate yourself from the other clans and let the shogun and imperial forces kill each other, only step in when one side is about to start winning.
  • Ancient_RuffianAncient_Ruffian Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,843
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    I took my campaign on past victory to May 1878, which saw the defeat of the last enemy province, Sapporo in Hokkaido.

    The Republic of Japan.jpg

    There it is, the Republic of Japan. All 75 provinces of it. All very happy, taxes on the lowest level possible. Total peace. Yawn.
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  • GuardianOfBlindGuardianOfBlind Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 947
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    I managed to win my crazy Tsu republic campaign too :)

    With only 8 provinces and 40K money at the moment of realm divide.

    All it took was upgrading provinces to star forts with gun batteries and defending for about 2 years, letting their armies melt away. Also putting 2 fleets in the narrow passes between Awaji and mainland to prevent anything from attacking my main trade port in Settsu. The upkeep was quite a bit, but much less than paying near 7K in repairs each turn and having trade cut. I hear lots of complaints about AI bombardments and ship spam, but it isn't that hard to control the sea. I think this is what many players need to realize, you actually need to invest in naval power now or you will loose much more.
    Anyway, by September 1874, Tsu republic controled 50 regions and was recognized internationally as a new state. Imperial Japan never existed :p
  • ColonelMallardColonelMallard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,044
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    I'm going to take it to the last province. I'm actively giving my enemy millions of koku, to let them build up an army for an epic last fight, and I distract what forces they have to keep them from attacking me.
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  • AlJabberwockAlJabberwock Moderator USAModerators, Tech Moderators, Knights Posts: 7,730
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    Based on my experieince, the easiest clan to use for a Republican campaign IS the Satsuma, probably followed by Tosa, since these are isolated in corners with relatively simple bottlenecks and fair adjacence to two of the three western power nodes. I have yet to do one with the Saga, but I suspect the same is true. Hardest Imperial is Choshu (for just about anything, but also Republic unless you have wiped out the Satsuma and are relatively stable...).

    I have yet to try a republican campaign with the Shogunate clans, most of which should offer a more difficult 'row to hoe' given their lack of defensible corners...

    Playing on hard or very hard, I have done repeated campaigns for the standard Imperials, and agree with The Weaver that it is akin to bumping up your difficulty a notch. Like others, I tend to use a corner solution clan and build up a bank prior to realm divide. I do NOT loot as an internal house rule since I find it is far too easy without the limitation. I might relax that limit in Legendary since I have not played a republican campaign on that level, but I might not release it either as a better challenge. Even on VH, I am usually making so much money by the time I have 25 or so provinces I can't spend it as fast as I make it. It is not out of the oridinary to have 50 or 60k NET on hard or 40 to 50k NET on V hard per turn.

    1)Once you have approached RD, Naval research emphasis first: Get ironclads and armor.
    Picket-line navies so their zones of control interlock and disallow enemy fleets to bypass the picket line, from map edge to coast at both edges of your coastline frontier. PAY THE FREIGHT, its cheaper, predictable, and after a while, the AI will give up. Make the picket line move with your coastal frontier as you advance or retreat. Do not allow enemy ports to exist behind your picket line.

    2)Land is in a holding pattern until 1 is achieved. Line infantry is usually more than enough to deal with enemy land units to this point. Then research kneel fire and advanced military buildings and return to economic research. You can either be at peace turtling, or be at war with limited engagements (getting rid of or buying off the dangerous adjacent opponnets and maintain war with weak or distant opponnents). This allows the cash and naval build up.

    3)once RD is a foregone conclusion, OR all your same-party potential allies are defeated, you are pretty much going to be in for the RD effect anyway, so bets are off as soon as the clans start ganging up on you. I usually only build up an advanced land military in ONE province(also with gunsmith and firing range), with all others given over to cash production only, although I will retain a province captured with a dojo since I will use clouds of Shinobi as scouts, enemy agent killers and movement boosters. Equally I only have one or two drydocks where there are coal plants, and I will usually keep a recruiter in each of those two provinces.

    4)ONly produce high quality units, they are more cost effective and less likley to be wiped out. requiring a repacement to be moved to the front. For land units, I use navies to get them to rail heads, or where railways are inconvenient. Building armies at only one location means you must be creating units every turn. Do so.

    5)Maximize your number of geisha, keep them in cities where they are reducing the required garrison cost, increasing the incremental income each turn, and achieve 10% business building bonus. By the time this is done, income becomes a worry no longer. While they can be used in defense of the core cities where you put them, they are far more valuable as income generators.

    6)Maintaining a level land front keeps the battle on one side of the line you use for armies and naval picket lines. At the point this is achieved, the game is effectively already over and is only a matter of beating the timer, usually without much pressure.

    Money, cutting off the chance for an amorphous 'whack-a-mole' type naval maelstrom without a 'front', and developing your agents into cost cutters and income investments will usually win the day so long as you have been fortunate or wise in your decision of who and when to fight to get to the point where RD is close.

    Note that on H and above, the AI is VERY likley to distract or murder your characters, generals and Daimyo/Heir. it is sometimes NOT worth it to keep the Daimyo near the front unless you must when playing at these levels.

    Loads of fun and a good wrinkle to the SP game. Now if we could only get the Enemy CAI to be less ****, it woudl be a pretty tough game... so many are the times enemy cncentrations simply appear to 'wander off' in different direcetions instead of going at me where they could really put a dent in my plans...
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  • bh5496bh5496 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 30
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    can you create vaals as a republic?
  • Ancient_RuffianAncient_Ruffian Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,843
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    Yes, but it's rather pointless because they usually don't stay loyal to you, and end up stabbing you in the back.
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  • AyrieAyrie Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1
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    I've beaten republican on very hard / very hard as obama, nagaoka, and tsu, the three center clans.
    alot of the important tips were mentioned earlier, but here's the lowdown on how to cleanly (if that word can even be applied here) thrash a republican playthrough


    a) don't bother with short campaign. it's nearly impossible (though i know it's been done, albeit with some crazy tactics) to capture 25 provinces that early (you have to finish six years early, which is unfair for republican), let alone be fully prepared to have everyone declare war on you and eat your face... it feels like this game mode was made to work with a long campaign anyways.
    oh, and NO VASSALS. they will betray you instantly. not only that, they count towards your fame... and can even trigger realm divide early.

    b) as usual, stop expanding one province before realm divide (your fame meter should be just bordering the edge of "legendary") and play a peaceful diplomatic game. max out trade links, upgrade infrastructure, level up your agents to max, etc.

    c) the build up, which is by far the most important part of this plan.

    1. you should have at least ONE blacksmith province, every clan spawns reasonably close to one. gunsmith upgrades, obviously, coupled with a firing range (+15 accuracy) so that all your troops spawn with that yellow accuracy bonus symbol of awesomeness. satsuma's home province is a blacksmith, choshu / tosa can take bizen, the center clans can ****** owari / kaga, eastern clans have access to sagami and uzen (i think?).

    2. as for each province, you should have at least one money making building (market / inn, cottage industry) in each. for propaganda, place a magistrate (and don't upgrade past this, or else you'll have to demolish and rebuild) in every territory except for your blacksmith ones.

    3. place a ship in EVERY SINGLE FREAKING PORT. what, you like having little squads of one or two ships roll into every port, raid the hell out of it, and cost you 5k in repairs every turn? didn't think so. if they beeline for a port, play the battle out and camp inside the harbor behind your coastal batteries. you should be able to defeat much larger fleets this way, because your coastal guns will shred the **** out of anything before it can kill off your lone defending ship (which should be in a hard to shoot spot anyways).

    4. place a full stack navy with metal armor in every direction enemy navies can come from. it's inevitable that you'll get your coastal provinces bombarded every turn, but at least chase down and blow up the ships that do this. plus, you can prevent amphibious landings of giant enemy armies in places where you aren't prepared to defend. having control of the seas, or at least the seas around the territories you own, is vital.
    plus, naval bombardment is hilarious to watch. hey look, random shells from thousands of feet up in the air to smite my enemies!

    5. army-wise, no imperial / shogunate branded units. only line infantry, sharpshooters, revolver cav (so overpowered!), armstrong guns, all with accuracy bonuses (from blacksmith). make sure your foreign veterans are chilling in your stacks, providing much needed experience. if 5 - 6 of your stacks dont have 6+ experience chevrons by the time you trigger realm divide, you're doing it wrong.

    d) you're going to lose your ishin shishi / shinsengumi agents anyways, so why not let them have some fun before they ditch you? if you're not actively throwing them around the campaign map to either cause rebellions or assassinate someone every turn, you're wasting them. the best way to go about it is to send them in groups of 2 so that they can lower the allegiance of a territory from its owner, softening it up for a rebel stack of doom. also, when these guys hit level 5 / 6, their assassination chance is ridiculously high, so no complaining about enemy agents swarming you once you hit realm divide. have your ninjas assist them in reducing these guys to dust. enemy agents shouldn't be alive in meaningful numbers in the first place!
    that being said, make a giant buffer zone of rebel-owned provinces in preparation for realm divide, laughing all the while. make these guys earn their pay :D

    e) you should be deep into both research tech trees. you should have modern army / drydocks (metal-plated ships), explosive shells, and as many money-making and allegiance civil techs as you can squeeze in.

    f) lastly, save up alot of money, which shouldn't be a problem since you'll be taking at least a few years to prepare for independence anyways.

    once you declare independence...

    a) switch magistrates to secret societies. your provinces are going to get unhappy really fast, do as much as you can to abate this.

    b) oh no, your ishin / shinsengumi have run away!
    just a minor setback, you don't need them anyways, your ninjas / foreign veterans can do all the killing, there shouldn't be so many left to kill at this point anyways if you've been active enough on the campaign map beforehand. if you lose any of these agents, just find another high level enemy agent and seduce it.

    c) speaking of which, GEISHAS! because you'll be facing an overwhelming number of enemy stacks (on very hard, i would send my spy out and every few turns there'd be like four stacks bunched up moving towards me on just one area... heh...), you need to get really good at utilizing the geisha distraction / ninja sabotage abilities to isolate and destroy giant invasion armies.
    let's say it's three enemy stacks vs. mine, and i'm a lazy slob. i'll move my 2 stacks over, distract / sabotage two enemy stacks, have both of my stacks attack the remainder, and BOOM, easy 2v1 auto-resolve (as distracted / sabotaged stacks cannot reinforce enemy armies!). repeat the next two turns, and i've beaten three enemy stacks without having exited the campaign map once.
    this is even more important when you remember that you're fighting these giant neverending stacks with only puny line infantry.

    d) immediately begin the slow and painful conversion process of your army's line infantry to republican / republican guard. this will take freaking YEARS, but whatever. use ships and rail to make this process as expedient as possible. by the way, republican guard cav is silly, it's nothing more than a glorified saber cav unit... which will lose one on one to well-microed revolver cav. sigh, creative assembly...

    e) let your opponents suicide their stacks into you, then when a wave of enemy stacks has been cleared out and your losses replenished, push out and take the adjacent province. force defensive battles (i.e. where they are the aggressors), where you can safely camp with armstrong guns blasting away at them while they have to run their infantry all the way over to you. enemy army in a castle? no problem, besiege them (make sure its not winter) and let them sally out to meet your 6+ experience and +40 accuracy armstrong guns in the face.

    f) keep pushing steadily, try to take one province every one or two turns the first year. given that you know how to make a giant line of troops with ridiculous blacksmith and firing range upgraded +40 accuracy bonus in the deployment phase with +40 accuracy bonus cannons behind and cav on the wings, you should never lose a battle. ever. and because your ninja / geisha are distracting enemy stacks, you shouldn't be horribly outnumbered on the battlefield in the first place.

    g) dont forget to dismantle enemy propaganda buildings as you conquer. you dont wanna be that guy who wonders why a province is constantly mad at him, only to realize there's a daily news there from 15 turns ago and feel like slapping himself in the face.

    h) last tip: keep one stack (doesnt need a general) and one distracting agent (pref. a geisha) at home, at a place where enemies are prone to drop a 20-stack of troops in by sea. they will do this eventually despite your best efforts to stop it, it will **** you off, and you will loathe yourself for not being prepared with land forces to greet their invasion. so have something to root their invasion force in place, and promptly shred it into pieces with armstrong artillery fire, then rage at the screen for having 5 provinces get bombarded at the cost of 2k each, draining you of that turn's income.

    there's no way you can lose if you follow this guide, unless you make other horrible decisions, in which case, shameful display on you.
    have fun losing 10+ hours of your life to this! :D
  • GoliathGoliath Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 112
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    Finally got a stable campaign going as Aizu legendary.. was planning on going republic with low modernization (only the second level), but i had too many fronts to deal with so i just went shogunate.. will have to try a republic eventually, but looks like i'll need to modernize a lot more to take advantage of tech tree and better units..
  • simplynickosimplynicko Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
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    how many years do you think i should keep as a buffer before declaring RD?
  • GoliathGoliath Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 112
    edited September 2012
    just finished aizu campaign.. going to do a satsuma republic to start.. (easy start location etc).. probably going to sit on about 6 or 7 provinces and just tech up as much as possible..maybe wait 20 turns or something before i start expanding again.. hopefully the legendary AI leaves me alone
  • SchepelSchepel Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,540
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    It is interesting to read how much trouble you guys have with what really isn't THAT much of a problem. I have a few suggestions to make your life easier:

    - You do not need to rely on trade with anyone but the foreign powers. (More on that below.) The finance buildings combined with the civil techs should result in more than enough tax income. You'll want to upgrade to the top level of all finance buildings. You do this right from the start.

    - You can and should use choke points on the map to utterly control the seas. This should allow unmolested trade with the foreign powers. More importantly, by doing this you protect yourself against invasions. However, do not bother to repair the things that get bombarded. You won't be able to keep up and quite frankly, you don't need to either. You can't control all of it, so accept that your border regions get hit. Eventually you'll be able to repair.

    - Most important of all: expand wisely. Whereever you are, you'll want to ensure you won't have to fight on multiple fronts. So it's usually a splendid idea expand to one of the edges. East or west, it matters not. Do not allow any of your direct neighbours to become really strong.

    - The rail network is your best friend. Make sure you defend your stations. These are the only buildings you do repair in case of bombardment damage.

    In the end it all boils down to using a consistent strategy aimed at a tax based economy right from the beginning. I have won the campaign at vh/vh with almost all clans. Each and every time the begining was the most taxing. RD is not a problem if you have a solid base.
  • edbenedict77edbenedict77 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 131
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    I just read through the 1st page, and i am presently playing as Rep. of Satasuma, and Iam on the path to victory, because I built a strong navy capable enough to protect some of my trade routes with France and Britain (which are virtually in my backyard, so to say :) ) but the Tsu imperila Vanguard and Sendai shogunate vanguard did send squadrons after squadrons to disrupt those trade lanes but i was able to ward them off. And build propaganda building (starting from the police station) to instill independent thoughts among the populace, so far I have 0 revolts in my 22 provinces. (perhaps because I am playing on N/N)
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  • mustachewarfaremustachewarfare Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,092
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    I have finished short campaign as republic sendai in normal difficulty and found some tips one should use.
    1. Play as clan that is viable for republic. (Sendai is best if not go for Saga or Satsuma these clans don't have to bother fighting in multiple fronts too often if you plan your army's movement carefully) Sendai clan guarantee you will get about only -2 to -3 happiness due to different allegiance. If you had built magistrate, researched private academies kokutai, and have high rank inspector general in 3 turn unhappiness from different allegiance will drop to 1.
    2. Spam agent-sabotage/distract army like there is no freakin tmrw. You can't be strong everywhere and need to sabotage/ distrract army that your army can't respond in short notice.
    3. Focus developing taxation instead of trade. Trade is good for early-mid game however after declaring republic trade will be useless.
    4. Expand fast, build fast, then trigger republic.-Holding out long also means AI will get stronger it is extremely annoying if AI starts getting explosive shells and parrot gun. If your tax income is 10% higher than your army&naval upkeep and you have decent size of 2 army and 2 fleet. you will be pretty okay to declare realm divide.
    5. Ranking up general is better than ranking up your daimyo. Declaring republic doesn't damage daimyo's honour so even if your general becomes higher rank than your daimyo his loyalty wouldn't decrease to 1 because of dillusion of grandeur penalty. High rank general when commissioned gets extremely good bonus in various way. My personal favorite was having high rank inspector general. He will gives construction cost reduction bonus and increase spread of influence. Also, he provides repression in province he is present so in a pinch that helps out controlling the populace.
    6. Aim for quick modernization. In order to win against your foe who outnumbers you all the time, you will need some tech that will ensure your militarily victory. Cordial Relations or copper plating (grants tier 3 port to recruit foreign veteran who will give huge bonus in your army), High explosive shell (AI will most of time have wooden ships if not they will have copper ships at best. In my 5 campaigns i only saw wooden ships. Any how both of them are extremely vulnerable against explosive shell. Enemy ships will surrender in less than 1 minute of engagement. So once you use high explosive always use fast reload since engagement will end real fast. Same goes for your wooden ships once enemy get high explosive shells.) Kneel fire(This makes your infantry to deliver concentrated fire and will give decisive edge in your army).
    Not only that there are some economic tech that is essential. Like central reform (decrease administrative cost very important in late game) and Merchant house selection (-10% upkeep of all your army and navy very important once you start have huge stack.)
    7. Do everything you can to make your army faster. You will have 2~3 stack army to cover the entire japan. So you gotta move. You should blitz your way through before AI can screw you up. Try to put agents in the army that increase movement speed (ninja, max rank geisha, foreign veteran can increase movement. Ninja also increase view if i remember correctly) Without agent, your movement will be extremely slow due to your artillery. Also, try to get retainer that will increase campaign movement speed for general and agent.
    Use ships and rail road to transport army. This also speeds up your army movement.
  • Andy578Andy578 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 211
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    yep going republic is pretty dam hard lol, was Aizu and my empire was mainly vassals, decided to go republic, 3 turns later at war with everyone, after a few turns there were 39 full stacks(i counted) roaming around destroying everything, everytime they decided to siege it was with about 10 full stacks

    really cant defend against that, was great fun tho
  • mynameis4444mynameis4444 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1
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    IT's not that hard for playing as republic
    but u just wasting more time
    I just won Aizu republic in very hard world dominate Camp.
    You just have to make sure that you ready for become republic when ralm divine.

    In early game for Aizu you need to marching up north
    Every around you will become your enemy execpt Nagaoka.
    You have to use your shinsengumi create buffer state in south by reblelion.

    Create 2 armies that is the key.
    One defend your home town and another mraching up north.
    Do not attack south, it'll ruin. I tried so many times and I found
    there is no way to moving south before you defeat north.
    Build many Yari ki, Katana kachi and as soon as possible for armstrong gun
    1 more thing you must relize, if u want to become republic,
    You have to create you own economy do not depend on trade route too much.
    Build inn and factory, make you rich before ralm divide when u capturing the 15th province

    I became republic about early1870 and won about early of 1874
  • TajlTajl Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 272
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    IT's not that hard for playing as republic
    Do not attack south, it'll ruin. I tried so many times and I found
    there is no way to moving south before you defeat north.

    I won my Legendary Aizu campaing by going south, i planned to go North but after i took that one provience faction you start war with surrounding factions attacked too and i had to take them out and when that was done i had too many prociences so i couldnt go north without starting realsm divide too early. So i just turtled and build up. Used quite lot of time for that and when i was ready i started rebublic and it wast too hard as i had very strong armies, good core proviences and when i was still converting people i made buffer zone by conquered nearly proviences, looting them and abandoning to rebels. Looting is very profitable and i think it is good way to make cash with harder difficulties.

    South may have more enemies nearly as there is more fronts, but i think south have better position for harbour (easy to defend with just ironclads) and early game once you have good general and good enough army it doenst matter much how many opponents you have as battles are usually quite one sided. Early game i used mostly Black Tortoise Force based armies with some spear levies. Later after i had provience with accuracy upgrades i added revolver cavs and better quality lines and cannons of course.
  • Imperial GuardImperial Guard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 543
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    If you become a republic does the imperial clans fight the shoguns and with what intensity or they both prefer you instead, if you're bordering with both allegiances but they also border between themselves?
    Also will the commissioner positions be still there or not?

    Edit: the commissioner positions are available for the republicans.
  • Godfather Vito CorleoneGodfather Vito Corleone Member Registered Users Posts: 83
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    The most difficult in shogun2 it's Fots Legendary Short Campaign like republic , world record held by Cao Cao - 59 turns



    it's not so difficult for strategist , but tacticial have real truble with it . About for 7-8 players in the world can finish Fots Legendary Short Campaign like republic
  • VoidianVoidian Member Registered Users Posts: 81
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    Quick question:

    Does shogunate and imperial forces still go on a crusade against eachother or do they all just turn on you?
  • damadman228damadman228 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,437
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    There are no crusades in this game if you meant that mechanic from M2.

    Otherwise they will pretty much all go to war with everybody from the other side. When you ask them to ally with you in that state they will always say yes and help you out against those factions when they declare war on you.
    This might be helpful for those still playing S2 MP:

    Also check out this awesome channel:
  • VoidianVoidian Member Registered Users Posts: 81
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    Oh sorry, i meant if you chose republic.
  • damadman228damadman228 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,437
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    Then everybody will attack you. Public order will be low and you will lose all imp/shog specific units and agents.
    This might be helpful for those still playing S2 MP:

    Also check out this awesome channel:
  • VoidianVoidian Member Registered Users Posts: 81
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    ****, it would be better if they were at least fighting eachother as well lol.

    Don't think I'm trying legendary republic any time soon, tried a satsuma campaign where only 1/4 of japan was on the emperor's side and it was already hell, can't imagine it if I had to watch my back as well.
  • damadman228damadman228 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,437
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    They might still fight each other, I don't really know as I've never tried it (reserving that for my Sendai campaign).
    This might be helpful for those still playing S2 MP:

    Also check out this awesome channel:
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    Those who are saying place a ship in every port and you'll have sweet dreams I don't think are right. Not only the enemy will attack the port but also is pretty mindful about the coastal guns and attacks from positions in which his ships can't be hit. So the only adequate solution is having, as stated, major fleet to cover all potential directions from which the enemies can come. Also in the period where you're preparing for RD, you're inevitably in war with someone and as you don't want to conquer provinces you can have some generals in the fleets fighting the enemy's fleets and earning valuable experience. Naval battles can occur pretty often so even in single turn you can have several of them thus building up your general/s.
    Choosing the ability for your generals that allows them night battles can come handy sometimes if you don't have spies or geishas nearby or they fail in theirs sabotaging attempts.
    Also why the hell not to trade? Trade as much as possible and invest those money in something useful. After RD you can have trade with the western nations and based on which provinces you own that can net you several 1000 without problem assuming your port is open and the trade lanes aren't raided.
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    Currently trying to make an republic as Obama on hard. Does anyone know exactly what makes you reach "Legendary", currently I'm getting there at 13 provinces but I would like to be there at at least 14 to get somewhat easier territory to defend. (I have no vassals).
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    My tip on RD is make sure your income per turn is atleast on 2k on MINIMAL tax! :) and of course save up before RD! Any leader would need funds if he/she wants to make her own republic. By Taxing on Minimal, most if not all cities you capture won't rise up against you. Also, I train 1-2 Levies in a recently captured city.

    If you are not earning atleast 2k on Minimal tax, you are not ready for a republican RD. Well you can be, depends on your position and what you do. on my latest Obama VH campaign, i have 8k++ on minimal tax. :P

    Prepare for RD specially for republicans. It's no shame to turtle up a bit. :)
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