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Choosing the Republican option, or how to get really really depressed.



  • DurendalDurendal Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 609
    edited August 2013
    I had a difficult time with Satsuma when I tried this. It was exacerbating, I had multi-front wars and my armies just couldn't hold against the onslaught.
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  • mrose1506mrose1506 Member Registered Users Posts: 38
    edited September 2013
    Last but certainly not least (Probably most important in fact) Play as the choshu. They were almost designed for the republic option

    1. Like everyone else has said, money will be tight, so you will have to resort to desparate measures...looting. that 25% bonus you get comes in handy turning a 30,000 payday into a 40,000 dollar payday. Also, since diplomacy pretty much goes out the window after rd you don't have to worry about daimyo honor.

    2. All imperial or shogunate infantry disappear after realm divide, severely handicapping your military might and expertise. Choshu have kiheti that are cheap elite units with the inspire ability that stay with you after rd. I'd recommend recruiting them as soon as the become available at level 2 of military barracks.
    Im playing hard campaign.
  • Ace_BlazerAce_Blazer Senior Member Toronto, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 5,921
    edited August 2014
    I know this is a massive necro but I'm stickying this as it has a lot of good information.
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  • GussieFinkNottleGussieFinkNottle Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 99
    edited October 2015
    Even bigger necro in the hope that people still read this forum: I'm playing as Tosa and hoping to go for the republican option (am very close to maxing out reputation, that's when realm divide happens right?). However, I already have a British military mission and trading quarter in my capital's port.

    Will I still be able to recruit royal marines and sea units e.g. HMS Warrior after the switch given that I have already accepted an embassy and am not waiting around for one?
  • GussieFinkNottleGussieFinkNottle Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 99
    edited October 2015
    Re. above post, never mind, found the British trading district still works fine.

    For those looking for republic advice: I've come up with a cool exploit for a big war chest on the eve of realm divide civil war: right after maxing out reputation, and being awarded the highest office by the Shogun/Emperor, but before ending turn (causing realm divide and war with everyone) open diplomacy and sell indefinite military access to every faction (even some unfriendlies/hostiles will pay). The treaty means nothing, since they have 1 turn before all hell breaks loose and treaties are scrapped, but you have a stack of money.

    I got just shy of 50 grand in one go from doing this.
  • vonKampfvonKampf Registered Users Posts: 1
    I apologize for in coherence, wrote this in promptu.
    I always go for Republic, it gives at least some challenge even with legendary difficulty.
    It's all about money after all.
    Make armies in just one town and have all others go for money upgrades.
    Put taxes to max every other turn and aim for town happiness all the time. Town growth effects are totally useless, get maximal taxes and forget that growth, pure maths.
    Conquer some 11 regions and make 2 vassals so the Final Push event won't trigger. Vassals are mandatory to have daimyo honour for cheap fast extra happiness. +1 happiness/repression means one less garrison, ~500 cost with almost 100 upkeep for EVERY town you have.
    Which leads to another dilemma. At start you must go for market upgrades to reach better research bonuses, but after some 3 or 4 market/financial districts always for gambling dens. Always have in mind that every -happiness actually costs you that 500 plus upkeep for unit.
    When you reach that threshold, which is a bit less than maximal Fame, stop all attacks and make some money for reserves, you gonna need it.
    Try to upgrade all towns with maxed Inns, Silk weaving sheds and a Magistrate(all above Magistrate is bad for the Republic). Once that Final Push triggers, start upgrading for Secret societies and that one Military sociaty.
    If you have made all your towns to be happy with maxed taxes at this point, there's gonna be a nice army of levies to put down revolts in regions to be conquered. Try to push garrisons to conquered regions and recruit new ones only if necessary to avoid revolts.
    When pushing forward, revolts are not bad. Let them happen, have your army close to all assets in a region and crush them(get one more general with geisha before that). Gives just the boost to happiness you need to make Police station and the Inn. Letting revolts to happen is a good way to have more generals and experience too :)
    And for the Republic, your best agents are the ones you gonna lose. Ishin shishi or Shinsengumi... When you have the static state not to attack anyone before the Republic triggers. Start roaming throughout the enemy(or current ally) lands and make revolts as much as possible, assassinate all enemy agents and generals with experience, maybe the biggest abuse in game :)
    Block the seas from north and south where your land armies are going. Always try to attack if you see an enemy fleet. (Firing broadsides gives some extra range too, even with solid shots)
    As for research, aim for civil branch(happiness/repression, admin costs, taxes, agent upgrades). Military branch has a couple bootiful things you need. Early +5 replenish rate is good. School of shinobi ofc. Kneel fire is a game breaker, supression fire ain't bad. Armor piercing shots for navy are totally abuse. Gives you extra range with sparks that put enemy ships on fire and wont aggravate them if used far enough :) When you wanna research them is always a big problem, but all of them are a must have...
    In the beginning I use Kanrin maru class ships solo to put down even biggest enemy fleets. Kaiten is the best overall ship in the end, it's good in battles and has best possible number of shots for ground combat support.
    My favorite army has 2 generals(ganbatte rules), 2 Yari ki(always try to have them hide in flanks), 2 Yari kachi(best overall defenders on own flanks), 2 Bow kachi(enforce the middle line with indirect fire and flaming arrows), 6 rifles(solid line in front of arty, kneel fire makes even line infantry a true killer), 6 IRON artilleries(forces the enemy to attack even if they defend)
    In battle, focus on morale of the enemy. Assassinate/enchant generals before attack and use foreign veteran harassment(that -3 morale is hilarious). Use arty to soften enemy flanks and after that try to break their center. Slows them down for more shots and gives rifles an easy job to make them run.
    If the enemy has Parrots/Armstrongs, deploy a cavalry far ahead(I use my 2nd general). Force the enemy arty to plant down, then run away. They will be too late for the real battle.

    Lotsa things I must have bypassed, but I hope there's gonna be more Republic Japans!
  • troutofdoomtroutofdoom Registered Users Posts: 1
    vonKampf said:

    Magistrate(all above Magistrate is bad for the Republic)

    This part is insanely important. If you have a magistrate, nothing below and nothing above in every region you can quickly flip everyone to independence. You need to start the upgrade to the next level on every magistrate the same turn you declare Independence, this is the easiest way to get your people's happiness back so you can crank the taxes back up.
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