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Shogun 2 keeps crashing on splash screen. [Solution - remove Incredibar]

sebastiandousesebastiandouse Junior MemberPosts: 5Registered Users

My shogun 2 will not go pass the splash screen ever since patch 2. It runs for a few mins then when i hover the mouse over the middle of the screen you can see the mouse pointer that looks like a spear turn into the regular mouse and when i CTR+ ALT+ DELETE it says shogun 2 stopped working, and i have checked the shogun 2 system specs and can you run it? website to make sure i can play both shogun 2 and the DLC fall of the samurai which i passed above minimum so i should be able to at least get pass the splash screen which i used to be able to. I have tryed every fix that i could from other users who had similar problems as me for example:
  • verified game cache
  • change my physical memory address
  • check fore viruses specifically Incredibar
  • re-install vcredist_x86, vcredist_x86_90, vcredist_x86-sp1, clean_vcredist all in different orders suggested
  • update or re-install directx
  • delete steam folder 34330
  • wait 5-10 mins for the game to start
  • uninstalling re-installing shogun 2 multiple times
  • get the DLC for shogun 2 (i already was sure that it would not be a fix but i wanted to have it in-case i ever do find a fix)
  • delete avatar folder and script folder from C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2 but did not have a few of the files suggested to delete
  • re-install steam
  • make a new administration account
  • change the affinity and priority in task manager
  • run steam in different compatibility's
So i can only narrow it down to my bios or maybe there is a bug in the newest patch that does not allow me to play shogun 2. also sorry if these forum is in the wrong place or i did not put the dxdiag correctly these is my first post.
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