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How to max +looting % and +movement %

VampiresbaneVampiresbane Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 206
I'm getting ready to do a Realm Divide as the Jozai on Legendary. I was researching anything and everything that gave both looting bonuses and movement bonuses since I need to send my armies all the way to Northern Japan (trying to get rid of my future Northern front ahead of time) and elsewhere. I'm planning on sending one army, specializing in looting and movement, and two armies North to take that main island there and clear Matsume from my list of enemies.

What I've figured out so far might be helpful for other folks. Bonus to looting is nice to have, but what might not be as apparent to others is HOW INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT bonus to movement is. Playing on Legendary, naturally my enemies are sending single boat after single boat to my ports. Putting a gunboat in every port is all well and good, but ultimately not nearly as satisfying as taking your main home navy and squashing every stupid little navy.

Before maxing out +movement %, my navy could attack a rival navy once, see them retreat, and 60% run them down, destroy them, and then be out of movement points. With the things I'm about to list, I can take on as many as 3 or 4 stupid enemy navies and squash them ALL IN THE SAME TURN.

So first off, let's cover looting. And btw, if anyone has a list of any retainers that add to looting, let me know. I have yet to see any, but would love to hear about it.

For +looting %:
Choshu: Marauding- +25% to looting

Jozai: Resourcefulness- Armies can replenish in enemy territory. Winter months excluded. (Obviously not a bonus to looting, but extremely helpful in doing so.)

General Unit
Enables all fleets to engage in night battles
+1 command to ambushes
+10% to income from looting

+2 to repression in provinces where this man is present
+10% to the replenishment rate of all units in this man's army
+15% to income from looting
+10% to movement

(Combine with logistics to get another +5% to replenishment for a total of 15% replenishment.)

Total: 50% to income from looting if Choshu, 25% to income from looting for all other factions

For +movement %:

General Unit
+5% to the replenishment rate of all units in this man's army
+10% to movement

+2 to repression in provinces where this man is present
+10% to the replenishment rate of all units in this man's army
+15% to income from looting
+10% to movement

Possible General retainer:
Marine Chronometer (There's a land version as well.)
+7% to movement for navies

+20% to movement (27% for navies or armies with appropriate retainers)

Inbedded Agents:
Foreign Veteran
+1 to training
+10% to movement

+1 to scouting
+10% to movement

"Sheriff" (This actually differs based on what faction you play. The Shogunate version can get a bonus to movement at 2 or 3 stars while the Imperial version has to wait until 6 stars.)
+1 conversion
+10% to movement

+1 to distract garrison
+1 to enchant
+1 to entertaining nobles
+10% to wealth
+25% to line of sight
+10% to movement

Subtotal: 30% (You can only have 3 agents embedded into a single army. If you're shogunate/imperial, I don't recommend the geisha unless she's a full 6 star. Entrepreneur is only available to a six star geisha. On the other hand, Republicans, if you want the full +30% to movement from agents, you'll have to use a geisha if you want a different type of agent for all three since "sheriffs" aren't available to you.)

Overall Total: 50% bonus to movement, 57% if you have the proper retainer for your General.

So in the end, if you work it right, you can either be a Choshu general that has:
+50% to looting
+15% to replenishment
+57% to movement

Or a Jozai general that has:
+25% to looting
+15% to replenishment in any territory (unless it's winter)
+57% to movement

Or any other faction's general that has:
+25% to looting
+15% to replenishment
+57% to movement

But those are some serious bonuses that can really add up.

Hope that helps. And again if anyone figures out any more retainers for Generals or Agents that add to looting, replenishment, or movement, let me know.

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  • damadman228damadman228 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,437
    edited May 2012
    This may be very useful to me one day.^^
    This might be helpful for those still playing S2 MP:

    Also check out this awesome channel:
  • FireStorm1010FireStorm1010 Member Registered Users Posts: 40
    edited May 2012
    Interesting.Concerning looting , if you loot a province, i understand your dayimio get a honour hit, does he take one point for each lloting , or only once for first looting?
  • Shiningpotato16Shiningpotato16 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 569
    edited May 2012
    The maximum honor penalty for looting is -3.
    If the water is up to your neck: chin up
  • vallu751vallu751 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
    edited May 2012
    Agent bonuses usually stack, so could you actually go for 3 shinobi instead of a single agent of every type?
  • VampiresbaneVampiresbane Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 206
    edited May 2012
    I don't know if you can actually put 3 of the same type in a single army. I'll try it out.

    You can put more than one in a town though. There's been more than a few times I've done that with Geishas.

    UPDATE: Yup you can put more than one of the same type in an army as well. Though I would recommend some diversity. There are benefits to having a unit of different types. I'd at least go with a foreign agent and shinobi per army bear minimum. (Training, assassinating, duels, and army sabotage can go a long ways.)
  • VampiresbaneVampiresbane Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 206
    edited May 2012
    Figured I'd add 6 star commission descriptions to this thread as well. I don't really want to start a new thread just for this.

    +6 per turn to town growth
    -12% to upkeep costs of all armies & navies
    +9% tax in provinces this man is present

    Inspector General

    -12% construction costs across all provinces
    Spread of influence +2 (this apparently doesn't increase much with rank)
    +3 repression in the province this man is present

    Chief of Staff
    +12% agent success
    +3 max number of agents (per agent type I believe)
    -60% cost of recruiting agents (that means 200 instead of 500) in the province this man is present

    Commander-in-Chief (updated to 6 star stats)
    -12% recruitment cost for units
    +8% unit replenishment rate
    +3 morale to units under this man's command
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