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Empire World Map

HeirofAlexanderHeirofAlexander Senior MemberPosts: 1,088Registered Users
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So, I have never played Empire: Total War, other than the demo. But I have always been wondering how the system with worlds work. I understand that the campaign map is divided into three, Europe, America and Asia. How does one travel to and from each world? Is there a spot where you dissapear for a certain amount of turn before reappearing at the next world?

Thank you for your time ;)
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  • SasuSasu Moderator FinlandPosts: 8,834Registered Users, Moderators
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    If you go by sea, as you'll have to when going to the Americas, you'll sail to the edge of the map, where there are these "transition zones". When sending your ships to these zones, you'll get to select to which theatre (or trade theatre) you want to go to. After the selection, you'll disappear for a certain amount of turns, depending on how long your voyage is.

    There is a land "bridge" from Europe to India and if you use that, you won't notice the transition on the Campaign map, but the strategic map on the UI will change .
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  • HeirofAlexanderHeirofAlexander Senior Member Posts: 1,088Registered Users
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    Ok, thank you very much ;).
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