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The most insane comeback i've ever seen in a naval battle

PariyaPariya Senior MemberPosts: 567Registered Users
The title really sums this up. I don't think i have ever seen a crazier comeback than this. In this 18,000 fund battle all i had left in my fleet was my Admiral ship, the rest was sunk, routed, or destroyed. My opponent still had almost his entire fleet left. He had only lost 2 500$ Gun Boats. He still had his Admiral ship, a 10,000$ Roanoke, a 5,000$ Kotetsu, and a 2,000$ Torpedo boat. I managed to pull off a victory with only my Admiral ship remaining to me against pretty much my opponents entire fleet.

Has anyone ever comeback from such a disadvantage in a naval battle before, or seen someone else do it? I have never seen anything this crazy before in a sea battle lol.... it was awesome.
I guess i'll start linking my channel again: http://www.YouTube.com/BadEgoGM
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  • dark as silverdark as silver Senior Member Posts: 1,510Registered Users
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    A great game? better plug my channel =P
    seriously though could you upload some more standard games? I didn't learn much from that apart from that I underused the ram ability.
  • Sima Zhong DaSima Zhong Da Senior Member Posts: 532Registered Users
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    『I think this should go in Let's Play. 』
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  • PariyaPariya Senior Member Posts: 567Registered Users
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    It was meant more just to show the crazy comeback. I have lots of videos. In fact in most my videos i explain my builds down to every last upgrade and how i use them. If you want to learn something watch my other videos. This video was just meant to show a crazy comeback.

    I destroyed an entire enemy fleet in a 18,000 fund battle with only my Admiral Ship, that's pretty amazing and not something you see every day, if ever.

    If you want more of a commentary on how and why i did what i did well then:

    I rammed his left Kotetsu ship instead of his right one so that when it sunk i would have line of sight on his torpedo boat with my gatling guns. If i had rammed his Admiral ship on the right instead i would not of had Line of Sight on his torpedo boat with my Gatling guns. After sinking his Kotetsu and routing his Torpedo Boat i did not turn around to fight his admiral ship because turning around would take time and in that time frame i would be taking fire from his Roanoke. So i instead went to ram his Roanoke while it was in the bottleneck of the 2 islands were it could not maneuver out of the way very well. I had taken damage coming in but i did not repair my ship because while repairing a ship it stops moving. So instead i repair the ship after i ram his Roanoke the first time. (I need to wait for the ramming ability to reload anyways, so it is a good time to repair) I then ram it a second time and sink it. After that i then repair my ship again and then i ram and sink his Admiral ship.

    Ramming is good but if the ship is too damaged the ramming ability is not available to you. Also after you hit the ramming button you ship powers forward in a straight line and you cannot maneuver it for a period of 15-20 seconds. It is easy to tell when a ship has hit the ram button and easy to move out of the way because the ramming ship cannot move to either side but can only go in a straight line. It is a great way to sink a ship but getting your ship in a position to ram another ship is not an easy thing to do. Although whenever the opportunity presents itself i would definetly ram the enemies ship. Also, not all ships have the ramming ability.
    I guess i'll start linking my channel again: http://www.YouTube.com/BadEgoGM
  • Big City KnightBig City Knight Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited May 2012
    wow, what a comeback. were the other battles close as well?

    next time zoom out so we can see more then just ur epic flagship
  • PariyaPariya Senior Member Posts: 567Registered Users
    edited May 2012
    The other games from that matchup were not as close as the first one shown in the video. In game 2 I was defeated quite easily and in game 3 i defeated my opponent quite easily.
    I guess i'll start linking my channel again: http://www.YouTube.com/BadEgoGM
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