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Deployable defences not working for some factions?

GatorbatGatorbat Junior MemberPosts: 19Registered Users
edited May 2012 in Empire: Total War

Started playing E:TW again and I'm having trouble with deployable defenses.

Early in a new campaign as the United Provinces I was able to use them when attacked after waiting 2+ turns in the
same spot, but it seems like I couldn't use them under the same conditions as the Marathas, or as the Americans in
the tutorial missions (I'm trying to unlock the U.S. campaign).

My cannons can dig in, but not line infantry and such.

Am I missing something? Can you only use the defenses as certain factions? Again, I know about having to be
attacked and stay in place for 2+ turns, but the option simply won't display for my infantry when I'm playing as
Marathas or in the U.S. starter missions.

I appreciate any help you can offer :)
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