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Total War Shogun 2 can't install himself after The Fall

AaronMazAaronMaz Junior MemberPosts: 2Registered Users
First of all I'm french so my English may not be wonderful.

So here is my problem, two weeks ago I installed Total War Shogun 2: The Fall Of the Samourais on my computer. I
had a good time on it so i decided to install the original total war shogun 2 game.
But when i put the Shogun 2 CD in my computer, steam tell me I already have this game. So I try to delete the game on steam and re-install it whit the Shogun 2 CD.
So I install it and do the update, but when i launch the game after the update i still cannot play to the original game, I can just play to The Fall.

I tried some other things like the option: Re install but it don't change, I can just play to The Fall.
Also, when I take a look at steam it tell me that I have the game.
Someone got any tips how to resolve this problem?
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