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D-Day 1944 OP.Overlord v1.1

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D-Day 1944 OP.Overlord v1.1

Hi there, I hope you'll enjoy this Siege map.

Download Link :


Recommandations :
> Lower your graphic details, as it's a huge map using wide panoramas.
> Play it 3 attackers 2 defenders, 4 attackers 3 defenders or Force defenders to lower there funds (ratio 0.5 to 0.7 is higly recommanded for defenders)
> There is no timer, but please, Allies, you must make the effort to go and capture the HeadQuarters (Castle) on the far end hill, you have balls, use them!
> Use paratroopers as much as you can to capture back Axes position (ninjas, yugekitaï etc...), thus you might be able to shoot on the back of Axes forces with their own bunkers.


Allies side :
P 1. is set right on the beach, and must rush it to take advantage of it.
P 2. arrives by the west beach and must take control of the left hill, then pursue by the city, go under the train bridge to climb up the hill by the back, hidden into the forest.
P 3. disembarks between 1 & 2 and must help both. Over all his job is to get around the beach hill to take Axe 2 by the back and lighter P 2 front.
P 4. disembarks on the right side of P 1 and must rush the beach too, and over all, opperate a large bypass on the right side.

Axe side :
P 1. has the control of the beach, the headquarter, and the defensive bunkers. He must switch his army in 2, to defend a bit the beach, and to have time to retreat on the back hills.
P 2. has the control of the cliff, and must damage Allied 2 as much as he can, before trying a retreat through the city.
P 3. controls the city, helps both the frontal lines of Axe 1 & 2 and must cover them when they try a retreat.
P 4. contains reinforcements fresh just arrived by the train station. They hold the HQ, lock the different entries, try to keep bunkers, and might help the beach side.

The beach


City market
Train station
Beach dunes
Church, graveyard & city
Fish port
Railway Bridge








Here after is just a recommandation about how you should play on the ALLIES side. German side just have to abandon little by little their coastal defenses. Cause largely outnumbered and invaded, they must join and regroup their last forces on the upper hill to keep the Headquarter and train station.


(if CA staff has an idea about how making the timer and ratio working, you're welcome, and i would update the map to a more stable version)
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